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Method and System for Performing Optimal Route Calculation Infused with Crowdsourced Contextual Mining Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257844D
Publication Date: 2019-Mar-14
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Method and System for Performing Optimal Route Calculation Infused with Crowdsourced Contextual Mining

Disclosed is a method and system for performing optimal route calculation infused with crowdsourced contextual mining. The method and system ensures optimal route detection taking into consideration a level of granularity. This level of granularity is achieved by considering additional variables and data for the route calculation, which includes, but is not limited to, user preferences and mining of crowdsourced contextual data, resulting in a robust algorithm that provides in real-time, an optimal route for each user.

In addition, the method and system considers supplementary variables for the route calculation, the supplementary variables including, but not limited to, negative crowdsourced comments/sentiments such as, for example, users expressing anger for the increased traffic in their neighborhood streets, street characteristics (for example, two-way street with high speed limit), time/date context, that is, preferences for routes may differ depending on morning/evening driving, historical behavior of the driver, that is, the driver may have avoided a road, preferences of the user (for example, the user may prefer scenic views of city versus country views, and rather have slow traffic versus more stop lights), and social awareness, that is, events (for example, parade, marathon) going on in the city at a particular time/date.

The Figure illustrates an implementation of the method and system in accordance with an embodiment.


As illustrated in the Figure, the method and system analyzes social media data for the user and the network limited to the perimeter driven by the user’s desired destination, and the data are collected into a corpus. The method and system then analyzes the corpus using a web-based corpus analysis application.

Using the output from the application and manually input use...