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Orientation independent coma compensating liquid lens Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257845D
Publication Date: 2019-Mar-14
Document File: 52 page(s) / 1M

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The present invention relates to a lens (1), comprising: a first chamber (C1) filled with a first transparent liquid (L1) comprising a first mass density (ρ1) and a first refractive index (n1), a second chamber (C2) filled with a second transparent liquid (L2) comprising a second mass density (ρ2) and a second refractive index (n2), and a transparent and elastically deformable first membrane (12) that separates the two chambers (C1, C2) from one another and contacts the first liquid (L1) and the second liquid (L2), wherein said mass densities (ρ1, ρ2) and said refractive indices (n1, n2) are selected such that a gravity-induced coma aberration of the lens (1) is reduced or prevented.