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An office personal assistant based on cognitive automation and imitation learning Disclosure Number: IPCOM000258158D
Publication Date: 2019-Apr-13
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An office personal assistant based on cognitive automation and imitation learning

Background There are lots of repetitive work in business environment. We take a series of actions to complete a task. Somehow it is found that the same task is performed again and again. Although every time the content may varies, the actions we take are the same. For example, user need collect the outing attendees information in an excel. He sent out a mail to collect such information. Then he needs to read through every feedback email, put the info back to the excel manually. Existence Solutions - Do them manually - Write desktop script or Micro: high cost and long time to create the scripts, hard to reuse, need script skills

- Shared document, like box: need to do preparation (large attendees), usage

limitation - So we propose cognitive automation to solve this problem. Core Concept The method is a product to help automate repetitive work by using cognitive virtual workforce: Identify whether the next event can be automated through similarity comparison algorithm Automated the following user actions based on Imitation Learning Through human computer interaction technology to interact with user, get feedback to optimize learning result Implementation 1. Record user actions and related objects based on time series Keyboard mouse operations Operation objects(name, path, application) operations(open, close, create, save, input)

computer status: active app, date / time 2. Calculate the similarity of each ”action set” base...