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Method to Attach Ground Wires to Dust Collector Cage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000258270D
Publication Date: 2019-Apr-24

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Conductive cages or bag supports are often used in dust collectors used in explosive dust service. When these cages are used in bottom installed service, a ground wire(s) which is typically sewn to the filtering bag is often tied to the cage to provide a method for the wire to contact the cage. Upon installation the ground wire contacts the tube sheet providing a ground for the cage to the tube sheet. This knot is subject to becoming untied and does not provide a positive connection. The disclosed improvement provides a better connection point on the cage for the ground wire and reduces the chances of reducing or losing the ground connection should the wire become partially or fully untied. The idea uses a flat piece of metal affixed to the cage by bending or welding and has a hole to connect the wire with a screw or bolt.