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Cement Safe Gauge Carrier

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000258323D
Publication Date: 2019-Apr-30
Document File: 1 page(s) / 351K

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Develop a Cement Safe Gauge Carrier assembly that maintains a full ID, and also prevents cement from entering and plugging off the pressure communication port. If cement flows into the communication port, pressure readings from the gauge can be blocked or significantly dampened Dissolvable Sleeve and Lock Ring to be installed to Cement Safe Gauge Carrier During cementing job, Sleeve is protecting communication port from getting plug off After cementing following by cleaning job, chemicals such as Brine, HCL and other to be flow inside the carrier to dissolve the Sleeve Overtime, the Sleeve will be completely dissolved into powder Sleeve does not need to be leak proved as long as it prevents cement from entering.