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Use of VistamaxxTM performance polymer in polypropylene-based insulation and jacket for power and communication cable Disclosure Number: IPCOM000258846D
Publication Date: 2019-Jun-19

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In order to improve the efficiency of the production of power cable insulation layers, polypropylene-based materials are increasingly being investigated (see, e.g., US 2016/0194489A1 and CN104629175) or are already commercially used (see, e.g., US7459635B2 and brochure from Prysmian: "The future of cabling for today's utilities"). Due to the higher melting temperature, polypropylene-based systems allow to replace the conventionally used XLPE insulation layers, while at the same time speeding up the production process, decreasing its complexity, and eventually allowing for higher extruded layer cleanliness. For sustainability reasons this process is also interesting since the polypropylene-based material is thermoplastic and can be more easily recycled.