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New outdoor advertising system to exploit unrealised advertising moments

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000259768D
Publication Date: 2019-Sep-16

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Charles Dawes Donna Harris Gurjit Bhamra Pablo Rojas Vikram Makam Gupta


Problem: When walking your dog in the dark you often pass under streetlights. The most modern variants of these are LED based and project their light onto the ground around them. This presents an opportunity for advertisers that is currently not being exploited and we envisage that personalised advertising could be projected onto the ground as you pass by the streetlight. Solution: We envisage a system that would present you with appropriate advertising in a location that is currently not exploited. The art of outdoor advertising is well established through the use of billboards and posters. Many of these are now electronic and while there are increasing implementations of personalisation there is one area that is underutilised for advertising – the floor/ground. Our system would identify who is in the vicinity of the projector using a combination of methods that could include Bluetooth beacons, facial recognition, cloud-based GPS cross-referencing and other as yet unthought of systems. Other methods can include facial or user recognition using one or more cameras. It would then, via access to a database that matched any identified persons (this could be either on a very granular level or more broadly such as male/female) and their tastes and then project an appropriate advert on the floor in front of them as they walk past. The advantage of this system is that as humans we are constantly glancing at the ground as we walk to make sure we don't walk into any obstacles or step in anything untoward. Aside from providing relevant advertising to consumers it would also provide a revenue stream.