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Utilization of plant-based coproducts in making of an ingredient for tortilla Disclosure Number: IPCOM000260011D
Publication Date: 2019-Oct-08

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Sabaratnam (Nagul) Naguleswaran Sarfaraz U. Patel Wajira S. Ratnayake


Two plant-based coproducts, corn gluten meal from corn starch processing and starch-fiber side-stream from pulse protein isolation process, were combined and processed by drum cooking to obtain an Instant Masa Flour (IMF) ingredient for making tortilla. The IMF contained 21.2% protein, 65.4% starch, <1% fat, 2.0% ash, and 11.3% fiber and others. In addition to tortilla, the IMF may be used in developing flatbreads, nutritional snacks and bars, and various bakery products.