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Cyclodextrins improve foaming properties in food products comprising Barista milk

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000260517D
Publication Date: 2019-Dec-02

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The present invention relates to a food product comprising Barista milk and cyclodextrin wherein the Barista milk is se-lected from the group consisting of (1) liquid animal milk, (2) liquid plant milk and (3) animal or plant milk composi-tions in powder form comprising skim milk powder, whey pro-tein powder, sodium caseinate, milk powder and fat powders based on dairy or plant fats, wherein it comprises less than 0.1 wt-% of thickening agent and wherein the food product in its liquid form has a fat content of at least 0.25 wt.-%, a temperature of at least 40 °C and a pH value of not more than 6. Preferably, the Barista milk is used as topping for bever-ages like coffee and/or tea. Moreover, according to this in-vention, in a method of making this food product the cy-clodextrin can directly be added to the Barista milk.