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Precise MEF 35.1 PM session alignment with ToD clock using real-time TX interval adjustment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000261664D
Publication Date: 2020-Mar-25

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The present disclosure relates to methods for precise MEF 35.1 Performance Monitoring (PM) session alignment with Time-of-Day (ToD) clock using real-time Transmitter (TX) interval adjustment. MEF 35.1 specifies requirements for PM sessions with a clock-aligned Measurement Interval (MI). When MIs are aligned with the local ToD clock, the Start Time of a PM Session might not coincide with the ToD alignment boundary. This disclosure proposes to use real-time adjustment in the TX message-interval and the computed message interval for the transmission of Protocol Data Units (PDUs) instead of using configured message-interval. This approach enables precise Service Layer Agreement (SLA) computations, MEF 35.1 compliance, and the like.