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Method to Increase HDD PCBA Heat Dissipation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000261665D
Publication Date: 2020-Mar-25

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Peng Boon Khoo Beng Chai Tan Kok Leong Quah Li Hong Zhang


Using Phase-Changing Thermal Interface Material (PCTIM) for HDD to facilitate the PCBA SOC heat dissipation. The PCTIM solution also eliminates issues associated with single-phase solid TIM or liquid TIM. Fast SOC heat dissipation is essential to today's high-speed and cloud/videosurveillance HDDs, especially the HDDs operating under high temperatures or vicious cycle of temperature / electrical resistance / power tests. PCTIM switches between the solid phase and liquid phase when the HDDs are powdered off and functioning. A PCTIM is assembled as solid; it changes into liquid at HDD first factory test. It remains the shape it gains at the liquid state through the HDD life. The PCTIM eliminates the PCBA bulging issue associated with the solid TIM and outgases and cost issues associated with the liquid TIM. Due to the phase change, a PCTIM is able to maximize the interfacial contact area by filling the air gaps and micro-voids.