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    A method and system is disclosed for automatically providing notification and requesting an approval from a person identified in an image before sharing the image. The method and system automatically masks the face of a person in images that are uploaded to a system until the person who has been identified in the...
    IPCOM000257575D | 2019-Feb-20
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    A method and system is disclosed for providing contextual response toolbar for commercial emails by analyzing email content. The method and system utilizes a user interface (UI) element in the toolbar which enables users to initiate useful actions such as, share, save, print, and unsubscribe the commercial email...
    IPCOM000257574D | 2019-Feb-20
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    IPCOM000257573D | 2019-Feb-19
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    IPCOM000257572D | 2019-Feb-19
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    IPCOM000257571D | 2019-Feb-19
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    IPCOM000257570D | 2019-Feb-19
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    IPCOM000257569D | 2019-Feb-19
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    IPCOM000257568D | 2019-Feb-19
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    This idea describes using data collection and aggregation to identify when preventive maintenance should be done on hardware components and how components can be moved around to reduce replacement costs. Its scope covers hardware at component levels as well as at a greater system level.
    IPCOM000257567D | 2019-Feb-19
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    IPCOM000257566D | 2019-Feb-19