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    Disclosed is a cable clip comprised of an elongated support base having multiple spring clips, and associated support troughs, disposed on the top surface thereof to receive and support data cables. The cable clip is further designed with a series of rearwardly extending flanges configured to snap the cable clip on...
    IPCOM000254596D | 2018-Jul-16
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    IPCOM000254595D | 2018-Jul-16
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    GIL is widely used in power transmission system, the layout of GIL usually include straight and curve segment. The busbar with angle is needed to fit the curve segment. 1. Before the invention, the angle tube is welded to the end of straight tube to get the enclosure with angle. The process of welding is difficult to...
    IPCOM000254594D | 2018-Jul-16
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    An efficient, one-step, scalable process for preparing aripiprazole lauroxil.
    IPCOM000254593D | 2018-Jul-16
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    IPCOM000254592D | 2018-Jul-16
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    IPCOM000254591D | 2018-Jul-16
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    The invention discloses systems, devices and methods to detect and predict exhaustion of CO2 absorbent in anesthesia gas circuits. The system uses sensing reflected light or camera based image recognition to identify color change, and thereby exhaustion of the absorbent. As the color of the absorbent changes the...
    IPCOM000254590D | 2018-Jul-16
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    IPCOM000254589D | 2018-Jul-13
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    IPCOM000254588D | 2018-Jul-13
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    IPCOM000254587D | 2018-Jul-13