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    A support assembly is described for a paint cup, for example a 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 spray cup. The support assembly is used to help stabilize the cup during mixing in a paint shaker. The support assembly includes a shaker support cup and a shaker core.
    IPCOM000259753D | 2019-Sep-13
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    Adhesive films are attached to various substrates for esthetic or functional (i.e., to provide protection) purposes. To improve speed of application and initial (as well as overall) adhesive tack, the substrate can be exposed to elevated temperatures before the adhesive film is applied or the adhesive film may...
    IPCOM000259752D | 2019-Sep-13
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    IPCOM000259751D | 2019-Sep-13
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    IPCOM000259750D | 2019-Sep-13
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    IPCOM000259749D | 2019-Sep-13
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    This disclosure relates to an ESD-compatible clamping device having an electrically conductive lever handle and an electrically conductive pressure piece.
    IPCOM000259748D | 2019-Sep-13
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    The invention concerns a treatment system for treating workpieces, in particular for cleaning and/or deburring, comprising at least one treatment device which has at least one treatment unit which is designed to carry out at least one treatment operation on the workpiece, and at least one receiving unit for receiving...
    IPCOM000259747D | 2019-Sep-13
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    IPCOM000259746D | 2019-Sep-12
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    IPCOM000259743D | 2019-Sep-12
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    IPCOM000259742D | 2019-Sep-12