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    Disclosed is a system that detects that a vehicle is on during fueling and automatically discontinues the gasoline pump.

    IPCOM000250328D | 2017-Jun-28
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    Disclosed are a method and system to combine the proximity, ambient noise qualities and the detection of human speech to automatically produce the user's optimum desired volume in a speaker system while in an open and changing space with multiple variables.

    IPCOM000250327D | 2017-Jun-28
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    This paper describes the synthesis of sulfonated aromatic monomers. More specifically, this paper will focus on the synthesis of allyl and methallyl ethers of sulfonated pyranine derivatives in cost effective solvents or solvent blends of methanol, ethanol, isopropanol and water. These solvents are both cost...

    IPCOM000250326D | 2017-Jun-28
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    This disclosure describes methods for removal of water and NGL components (C2-C5 hydrocarbons) from natural gas prior to liquefaction. A challenge associated with cooling a wet natural gas stream is the risk of hydrate formation at temperatures below about 20C. Therefore, the temperature of the natural gas stream...

    IPCOM000250325D | 2017-Jun-28
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    The invention puts forward a cabinet LOTO locking device. The cabinet LOTO locking device comprises a solid aluminum plate having an attachment portion, two magnets for attaching to a cabinet door, and two connecting devices. The attachment portion can include one or more attachment points for accepting one or...

    IPCOM000250324D | 2017-Jun-28
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    This article describes a system that automatically identifies the inventory of food products or other physical products stored shelves, in cupboards or fridges. The system addresses the problem that inventory taking is currently a time consuming and often manually process. Even though there are advanced...

    IPCOM000250323D | 2017-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000250322D | 2017-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000250321D | 2017-Jun-28
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    In order to support new protocols and practices, the IETF occasionally reserves an address block for a special purpose. For example, [RFC1122] reserves an IPv4 address block ( to represent the local (i.e., "this") network. Likewise, [RFC4291] reserves an IPv6 address block (fe80::/10) for link-local...

    IPCOM000250320D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Jun-01
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    In articulated frame vehicles, like foresty vehicles there is often a pivot point in the middle joint, which allows front and rear frame to twist in relation to each other about a horizontal axis substantially in the travel direction. This feature is required because the frame must adopt to the terrain during...

    IPCOM000250319D | 2017-Jun-28