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    In a factory warehouse, raw materials are stored in various racks of different heights. Usually a fork truck is used to pick and drop material from one location to another in the warehouse. It might be possible that some of the frequently used raw materials are placed at higher locations in the storage racks. This can...
    IPCOM000260052D | 2019-Oct-16
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    Apparatus for performing the Galois field modulo operation is described. This paper includes the definition of a fundamental cell, which is cascaded to develop the modulo circuit. The fundamental cell consists of a D‐FF with a mux and an exor gate. The invention claims the structure of the fundamental cell, and...
    IPCOM000260051D | 2019-Oct-15
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    The disclosure describes a digital circuit to manage reset assertion in a multi reset system to avoid bus deadlock scenarios. The circuit uses transaction completion indication to allow system reset.
    IPCOM000260050D | 2019-Oct-15
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    IPCOM000260049D | 2019-Oct-15
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    The use of a pipe wrench has been proven to put the hands and fingers of the operator at risk of injury should the wrench disengage from the item being worked with. This design for a slip-on hand and finger guard will help to eliminate, or greatly reduce the severity of, hand and finger injuries.
    IPCOM000260048D | 2019-Oct-15
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    Controlling propylene conversion in a narrow range is necessary to achieve optimal acrolein yield in vapor-phase propylene oxidation to acrolein over Mo/Bi based mixed oxide catalyst. Currently the propylene conversion is based on propylene concentration change in reactor outlet vs. inlet which is analyzed by gas...
    IPCOM000260047D | 2019-Oct-15
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    The disclosure is related a maintenance hatch for a module of an electric device. An example of such electric device is an electric drive or a unit for an electric drive such as a diode supply unit. The disclosure proposes a solution in which electric devices and their modules or similar elements are easier to...
    IPCOM000260046D | 2019-Oct-15
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    Warehouse inventory size may be a difficult optimization problem. Ideally, a warehouse would have just a right amount of items in stock to meet the demand. The disclosure is related to a method for optimizing a warehouse inventory size by utilizing a predictive maintenance service of an electric drive or another...
    IPCOM000260045D | 2019-Oct-15
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    Nowadays, streaming real-time data from aircraft to ground-station via any satellite connection or any communication means is a charged service and the charges are based on the amount of transferred data. Currently, there are multiple ways for compressing the data to reduce the data bandwidth, for streaming reduced...
    IPCOM000260044D | 2019-Oct-15
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    IPCOM000260043D | 2019-Oct-15