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    IPCOM000255348D | 2018-Sep-19
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    Service Function Chaining (SFC) is a technique for prescribing differentiated traffic-forwarding policies within an SFC-enabled domain. The SFC architecture is described in detail in [RFC7665] and is not repeated here.
    IPCOM000255347D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Sep-01
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    The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) [RFC7230] provides compatible resource-level semantics across different versions, but it does not offer compatibility at the connection-management level. Other protocols that rely on connection-management details of HTTP, such as WebSockets, must be updated for new versions of...
    IPCOM000255346D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Sep-01
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    A method and system is disclosed for evaluating context of a message in question by analyzing the message body being composed and auto recommending message recipients based on the evaluation. The method and system specifically evaluates the context of an email being composed based on, but not limited to, past...
    IPCOM000255345D | 2018-Sep-19
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    IPCOM000255344D | 2018-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000255343D | 2018-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000255342D | 2018-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000255341D | 2018-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000255340D | 2018-Sep-18
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    Process for preparation of polymorphic Form I of triarylmethane derivative (1) characterized by X-ray Diffraction and Infra Red spectra. Polymorphic Form I was obtained by oxidation of compound of formula (2) with copper salts in presence of air/oxygen purging.
    IPCOM000255339D | 2018-Sep-18