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    The present disclosure proposes an enhanced continuous NIBP accuracy using patient orientation information. The proposed method utilizes a smart triggering system in which oscillometric blood pressure determination is triggered based on blood pressure estimate obtained using PPG/PW(D)A method. The triggering of NIBP...
    IPCOM000261804D | 2020-Apr-06
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    IPCOM000261803D | 2020-Apr-05
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    IPCOM000261802D | 2020-Apr-05
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    Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin can be used in hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA) for pre-applied waterproof sheet application to provide tackiness. Escorez(TM) tackfiers, DCPD based hydrogenated resins, are used as tackifing resin in the HMPSA formulation, together with styrene-isoprene-styrene block...
    IPCOM000261801D | 2020-Apr-03
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    Under high temperatures, permeation and oxygen consumption of rubber compounds will increase exponentially. In a tire oven aging test, one tire will be statically placed in a closed room of around 65˚C. Under steady-state rolling conditions, the temperature of a passenger car radial (PCR) tire can exceed 45°C, and...
    IPCOM000261800D | 2020-Apr-03
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    Chip & chunk performance is extremely important for a truck and bus radial (TBR) tire tread as it is directly linked to tire / tread life. Considering the heavy load and complicated road conditions of normal TBR application, better chip & chunk resistance adds great value in extending tire / tread life thus...
    IPCOM000261799D | 2020-Apr-03
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    This invention describes the capability of hydrocarbon resin in flow modification. The study demonstrates the benefit of improved flowability when incorporating OpperaTM modifiers into polyolefin matrix. This finding creates opportunities to upgrade recycle stream performance e.g. stiffness enhancement, reduce cycle...
    IPCOM000261798D | 2020-Apr-03
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    This paper describes the formulation of color masterbatch including hydrocarbon resin (OpperaTM modifier) and color pigments. Study has shown that compared to LLDPE, OpperaTM modifier formulated color masterbatch demonstrates a combination of higher color strength and better dispersion. With improvement of color...
    IPCOM000261797D | 2020-Apr-03
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    Oils and other diluents are commonly added to hot melt adhesive formulation. These materials are typically added as a viscosity modifier and allow for adhesive formulations to be properly mixed and applied; they can also lower the modulus of the adhesive to allow for better wet out in the application. They are...
    IPCOM000261796D | 2020-Apr-03
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    IPCOM000261795D | 2020-Apr-03