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    The paper describes a technique that reduces the probability of stalling the transmit-window and maintains the frequency of receiving channel estimates in systems employing automatic repeat request (ARQ) and/or a Link Adaptation (LA) mechanism. The technique proposed also minimises the time period for which the system...
    IPCOM000005033D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-24
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    This paper describes a new technique that enables code reselection, in a multi-code data rate system, on a more frequent basis matched with the feed back interval. The technique is based on using a two-phase segmentation of packet data units (PDU) between Logical Link Control (LLC) and Radio Link Control (RLC) rather...
    IPCOM000005032D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-24
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    Use of Amalgam Jetting Technology for Z-Axis Interconnection
    IPCOM000005031D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-23
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    EEG Sensor Comb
    IPCOM000005030D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-23
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    This paper proposes a novel generalized total-field/scattered-field formulation for FDTD to model plane waves traveling into, or originating from, the perfectly-matched-layer absorbing region. In this formulation, the total-field/scattered-field boundary is located in part within the absorbing region. An important...
    IPCOM000005029D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-19
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    Laminated Die Stiffener for Flexible Applications
    IPCOM000005028D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-19
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    A device for providing electrical power distribution to a plurality of components housed in an enclosure or cabinet, such as a photo booth. The components included in the cabinet may include a PC or workstation, scanner, monitor, fan, and printer. The device provides surge protection and allows use of a standard...
    IPCOM000005027D | 2001-Jul-18
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    Disclosed is a method and apparatus for enabling firmware and device driver software of integrated graphics chipsets to share state and parameters. Benefits include the capability for graphics controller and drivers to share graphics memory, improved hardware design, and APM-style power management.
    IPCOM000005024D | 2001-Jul-17
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    Disclosed is a design for the implementation of the Hot Plug requirement of the Display Visual Interface 1.0 Specification. Benefits include compliance with the DVI standard, ease of localization by the automatic display of property pages when a display device is connected or detached, and improved user satisfaction.
    IPCOM000005023D | 2001-Jul-17
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    The preparation and compositions of inks are described which comprise one or more yellow dyes, and which show improvements in shade and environmental fastness properties such as lightfastness and ozonefastness.
    IPCOM000005022D | 2001-Jul-17