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    A deckle board for a papermaking machine forming fabric pond. The deckle board has a flexible bladder in lateral and vertical contact with the forming fabric pond.
    IPCOM000005366D | 2001-Sep-07
  2. 12.
    During a roll-over simulation, it is essential to observe the motion of the occupant relative to the vehicle. This requires the capability to observe relative motion inside the moving vehicle. The traditional explicit finite element software can only output the motion projected onto a local reference system. This...
    IPCOM000005365D | 2001-Sep-07
  3. 13.
    When a copy of a digital print is made by a digital print station, an artifact is observed in the copy that has a crosshatch appearance. The Crosshatch Detection and Removal Algorithm detects the presence of the crosshatch artifact. If the artifact is detected it is then removed from the image by the application of...
    IPCOM000005364D | 2001-Sep-06
  4. 14.
    RonaCareTM Ectoin can be used in formulations for cosmetic apllications. These applications comprise skin care, hair care and nail care.
    IPCOM000005363D | 2001-Sep-05