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  1. 111.
    Trenches etched in silicon, for use in isolation, capacitors, or as device locations, require a profile with smooth, straight (non-bowed) sidewalls and rounded bottoms. The smooth walls are necessary to ensure oxide integrity, straight walls allow refilling without voids, and rounded bottoms prevent slipplane...
    IPCOM000005959D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  2. 112.
    Laser trim tuning involves the use of a laser to cut away sections of a metallic trim flag on an RF (Radio Frequency) printed circuit board or ceramic substrate resulting in a desired change in the RF characteristics of the circuit, in effect tuning the circuit.
    IPCOM000005958D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  3. 113.
    This invention is an addition to commonly used bus arbitration protocol. The protocol works as follows: 1. Processor that needs access to the common bus asserts the BR (Bus Request) pin.
    IPCOM000005957D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  4. 114.
    Most applications for lossless current sensing involve detection of overcurrent conditions in power switching cir- cuits. Current-sensing MOSFETs contain two current sensing terminals (MIRROR and KELVIN) in addition to the DRAIN, SOURCE and GATE terminals. A voltage which is linearly proportional to the drain current...
    IPCOM000005956D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  5. 115.
    Time stamping is quickly becoming a standard feature on all new pagers, however, it has been limited to "display" type pagers. Other pagers, particularly, "stored voice" type pagers, currently lack a feasible time stamping feature. There are conventional methods that could be used to provide time stamping for these...
    IPCOM000005955D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  6. 116.
    Many electronic elements need to be held at a constant temperatumor maintain some miminum temperature to operate properly. A regulated heat source may need to be provided.
    IPCOM000005954D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  7. 117.
    Adding a lanyard chain, clip and post or retainer to a pager has typically required substantial housing modification and multiple piece parts added to the radios, such as "e" rings, kapton and would require valuable internal space of the radio.
    IPCOM000005953D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  8. 118.
    Many different computer programs use the same basic functions. The differences between these programs is the order in which these functions are executed, and any decisions based on results from these functions.
    IPCOM000005952D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  9. 119.
    This invention resolves the problem of having insufficient display area for viewing long alphanumeric messages in pagers Because of their compact displays, alphanumeric pagers typically permit only partial viewing of long messages. By incorporating a pager into a handheld television, the user will be able to receive...
    IPCOM000005951D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  10. 120.
    In a typical microcomputer reset circuit, one or more of the microcomputer's outputs are monitored to determine if a hardware reset should be invoked, and if so, to generate repetitive resets until normal microcomputer output is detected. A typical reset circuit (FIG. 1) employs a comparator circuit with hysteresis...
    IPCOM000005950D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01