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  1. 151.
    During very long (i.e. > 20 minute) plasma etched, such as those typically used to etch via through glass in metal interconnect structures, the wafers will reach temperatures high enough to cause reticulation or flow of the patterning photoresist. The wavers reach these temperatures (>130%) because of poor thermal...
    IPCOM000005918D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  2. 152.
    Photoresist patterned silicon dioxide steps may be etched in a hexode reactive ion etch (WE) system without change in critical dimensions such as a taper in the oxide sidewall profile or a change in the width of the feature. Initially, a non-erodable hard mask of a material such as polysilicon is formed on top of an...
    IPCOM000005917D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  3. 153.
    When testing the durability of electronic products under conditions of severe electrical stress, it is often necessary to inject large negative transient test voltages through a specified test impedance into the positive power input terminals of the unit under test. Historically this has been done with either a...
    IPCOM000005916D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  4. 154.
    In a Depletion dual gate MESFET the magnitude and linearity of the transconductance, gm, varies as the gate two-to-source voltage (Vgs2) changes. A similar phenomenon is obtained as Vgsl changes.
    IPCOM000005915D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  5. 155.
    A cascade connection of just two transistors realize high-swing, high-output impedance circuits in CMOS. This con- figuration can be applied to many different types of amplifiers, current sources and sinks and can be built using pro- cesses other than CMOS. The circuits works well in opamps and are designed to...
    IPCOM000005914D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  6. 156.
    A means of providing chronic direct and/or alternating electrical stimulation to a chronic wound(s) with one or more microstimulators that can be implanted with a minimal surgical procedure is described herein. Prior research suggests that stimulation of chronic wounds may promote effective wound healing through the...
    IPCOM000005898D | 2001-Nov-14
  7. 157.
    A silhouette inductor is an ear level device employed in the hearing aid industry for the inductive coupling of signals from assistive listening devices (e.g., FM systems). Telecoils, also known as basic inductors, are common components in post-auricular hearing aids. The telecoils are employed within the casings of...
    IPCOM000005897D | 2001-Nov-14
  8. 158.
    Disclosed is a method for an on-chip programmable power adjustment for thermal/electrical semiconductor component validation and manufacturing. Benefits include improved conformance to datasheet specifications, improved quality of the burn-in process, and quality and compatibility of original equipment manufacturer...
    IPCOM000005896D | 2001-Nov-14
  9. 159.
    In a cellular or micro-cellular radio telephone system (such as an on-site cordless PBX), the traffic handling capaci- ty of the system is limited by the number of channels that are specifically allocated for use by the system. This scheme provides a means to increase the traffic capacity of the system by using radio...
    IPCOM000005895D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  10. 160.
    This method reduces the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) produced by CMOS Pierce crystal oscillators.
    IPCOM000005894D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01