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  1. 171.
    This invention will allow the user to distinguish between different types of pages based on the flash rate of the elec- troluminescent (EL) alert. A certain rate of flash may be reserved for a particular caller or for a high priority situation.
    IPCOM000005880D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  2. 172.
    Mechanical vibrations are commonly used as silent alert means in pagers. Most of the existing art electrical vibrators used in pagers are driven to produce uninterrupted vibrations. This serves the purpose of alerting the user that a message has been received, but the user must then observe a display or listen to...
    IPCOM000005879D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  3. 173.
    This paper describes a way to allow some simple hardware to be used to distinguish between very tightly spaced frequencies or tone signals. The hardware is purely digital in operation and can be programmed for a multitude of various tones with spacings as low as perhaps 5hz. This idea could also be used to distinguish...
    IPCOM000005878D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  4. 174.
    A digital TDMA system such as GSM is capable of full duplex transmission of speech and voice. Field tests per- formed in England, France and Italy show that 50% of the received signals experience delay spreads of less than 20 - 30% of the coherence bandwidth. This means that flat (nonfrequency selective) fading of...
    IPCOM000005877D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  5. 175.
    In decoding synchronous data transmissions the receiving unit must be able to lock and maintain synchronization to the incoming signal. Most of the data decoding is done by microcomputer which has two major duties. The first is to acquire and maintain synchronization to the incoming signal. The second is to decode the...
    IPCOM000005876D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  6. 176.
    With the popularity of communication devices increasing (i.e. pagers, cellular phones), it becomes apparent that more features must be offered in order to make these devices more multi-functional and therefore more appealing to the customer. A wmmunication device with a temperature sensing circuit and a temperature...
    IPCOM000005875D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  7. 177.
    A typical circuit used to direct RF energy amongst selectable output ports implements the usage of PIN diodes. The diodes are selectively turned on/off, behaving much like switches. When arranged in a matrix, many useful switch- ing characteristics can be achieved. A major drawback of using PIN diodes, however, is...
    IPCOM000005874D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  8. 178.
    Described herein is a use of conductive plastic as the current carrying medium for realizing a switching device. This allows for a "touch" capability in any form factor that has been previously limited to a metal surface.
    IPCOM000005873D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  9. 179.
    In applications where high currents are being controlled it is often desirable to use acurrent-sensing FET(SENSEFET* FET) to both control the current and monitor the load current. There is a simple circuit which will protect the SENSEFET FET from damage due to overtemperature which takes advantage of the SENSEFET...
    IPCOM000005872D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01
  10. 180.
    With today's display paging systems, the typical customer who wishes to page a display pager from a standard touch-tone telephone is offered limited flexibility. Presently, without the aid of a specialized alpha/numeric paging ter- minal at the sending end, one may only send a simple phone number to a display pager....
    IPCOM000005871D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Mar-01