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    Beginning in August 1989, an automated assembly pager production line began experiencing a massive product failure rate for page sensitivity and intermediate frequency shifting out of specification at the customer quality audit (CQA). Also, an increased fallout at final test automated tuning had been observed, the...
    IPCOM000006070D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
  2. 12.
    Figure 1 shows a closed loop system for MOSFET biasing. It provides an automatic and precise temperature compensation to any MOSFET regardless of its electrical size and g,. No temperature sensing elements need to be coimected to the heat sink or to the device housing. In fact FETs with different gate threshold...
    IPCOM000006069D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
  3. 13.
    During the processing of materials inside vacuum chambers, the reacting or evaporating species/gases tend to accumulate on reactor walls. To limit this buildup and for tighter process control, reactor walls are usually heated. The warm chamber walls reduce the sticking coefficient of the condensates and reduce the...
    IPCOM000006068D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
  4. 14.
    An RF interconnect 10 electrically connects a motherboard 11 to an RF pin 12. RF interconnect 10 is constructed from beryllium copper which is gold plated to ensure a good electrical connection. A pin shaped end 13 of RF interconnect 10 provides a pin joint with motherboard 11 which has a plated through hole to accept...
    IPCOM000006067D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
  5. 15.
    FIG. 1 illustrates a housing 10 (e.g. a pager) having an outwardly extending mounting ear 11 formed thereon. A belt-clip 12 has a pair of mounting ears positioned to mate with ear 11 on housing 10 and coaxial openings therethrough receive a pin 13 (see FIG. 2), which pivotally affixes belt-clip 12 to housing 10. Pin...
    IPCOM000006066D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
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    Miniaturization of the personal paging device to a size that may be incorporated within a wrist watch requires a reduction in battery size. This results in a reduction of available power to the device. The standard motor and beeper alerts draw a significant amount of current when in use. There is a need to reduce this...
    IPCOM000006065D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
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    Portable radio users consistently complain of the discomfort from the use, at the side level, of rigid portable antennas presently available (such as the coaxial dipole). Using smaller, more comfortable antennas (such as the quarterwave whip) decreases the discomfort but results in much higher degradation losses at...
    IPCOM000006064D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
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    The use of robotic stations in product assembly is becoming increasingly popular. In normal operation a robot will move safely from point to point in its workspace as it executes operations such as picking parts from a feeder and placing them on a circuit board. The robot will sequentially move through a series of...
    IPCOM000006063D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
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    Feeder assemblies are used to present the taped and reeled surface mount components to an automatic placement machine, such as the Fuji CP 3. By encoding feeder assemblies with an identification, the chance for loading errors would be reduced and maintenance and performance tracking would be improved.
    IPCOM000006062D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
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    In many applications a circuit needs to be designed that can accept a wide range of supply voltages (4.5 to 15.5 Volts), as with CMOS logic gates. However, if high speed logic circuits are required (10 MHz or greater), they are limited to devices with small geometries, whose operating voltage is limited to about 6.5...
    IPCOM000006061D | Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01