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  1. 41.
    This invention relates in general to the field of selective call receivers capable of receiving and presenting voice message information, and more specifically to those selective call voice receivers having visual indicators and displays.
    IPCOM000006029D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  2. 42.
    This invention relates in general to the field of paging systems, and more specifically to those paging systems with selective call receivers having programmable alerts, Selective call receivers (e.g., pagers) are such a part of our lives today that it is common for a selective call receiver to emit an audible alert...
    IPCOM000006028D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  3. 43.
    This invention relates in general to the field of devices capable of detecting a ring signal at the telephone interface, and more specifically to paging systems capable of automatic telephone ring signal detection.
    IPCOM000006027D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  4. 44.
    Oversampling bit sync algorithms typically have a resolution that is equal to or less than the oversampling clock period. This means that if the oversampling clock were eight times the bit time then the algorithm would find the center of the bit to within one eighth of a bit or worse (114, 112). By employing a method...
    IPCOM000006026D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  5. 45.
    Telephone accessible pager terminals enable a human caller to page an individual through the use of wmputer- generated voice or custom-tone prompting. However, these two methods need not be exclusive or custom. Instead of using one method or the other, these prompting methods could be mixed so that a human or computer...
    IPCOM000006025D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  6. 46.
    In current pagers, once the code plug has been programmed with options and customer paging codes, this infor- mation must be tracked in order to test the pager. When a customer code is not tracked, the code plug must be read in order to obtain the code and options before it can be tested.
    IPCOM000006024D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  7. 47.
    The ongoing issue of supplying the pager user with an automatic backlighting feature is paramount. When ambient lighting conditions are not adequate for typical LCD reflective reading conditions the user is forced to activate the lighting option. This of course requires additional steps by the user as wall as a vary...
    IPCOM000006023D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  8. 48.
    The present portfolio of paging receivers which offer displayed messaging have as one of their optional features the ability to detect and indicate to the user the receipt of a duplicate massage. The pager's decoding circuitry analyzes the incoming massaging and determines that this message is identical in length and...
    IPCOM000006022D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
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    With the introduction of "fax paging", long message paging, alpha paging, and high memory capacity and feature pagers, "the horse power race", both the display capability and memory capability of the common day pager are being stressed. Under the ideal conditions, the user would like to increase the overall memory...
    IPCOM000006021D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  10. 50.
    Speaker-Independent Phonebook Name Dialing
    IPCOM000006020D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-26