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  1. 81.
    The standard method for reading and resetting communication devices involves a basic two hand operational se- quence. Under normal operating conditions, this does not present an unusual problem, other than creating a basic in- convenience. The preferred method of operation would obviously be considered a one handed or...
    IPCOM000005989D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  2. 82.
    Consumer products which utilize removable batteries require some type of battery door to facilitate access. A study of the battery doors of many products found few good solutions. A well designed battery door should retain the battery during drop, have a positive snapping feature to lock it in place, should remain...
    IPCOM000005988D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  3. 83.
    The purpose of this idea is to fully integrate an el panel and LCD into one component, for the purposes of LCD back-lighting. This assembly utilizes standard lead attachments, both leaded and "2" axis. This concept is dependent on an el panel that does not have an aclar envelope.
    IPCOM000005987D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  4. 84.
    The three position, push to slide, multiple position slide switch has become a paging industry standard switching device. The switch is currently widely used at Motorola end by most of our competition. The inherent fact that the mechanism is being pushed and slid at the same time suggests a possibility of...
    IPCOM000005986D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  5. 85.
    In the communications industry, silent (e.g., vibratory) alert optons are commonly offered to the customer as an alternate method of indicating the receipt of a message. Thus, a vibration system must be added either in the factory, or in the field. This presents an obvious logistics problem of exactly how to install,...
    IPCOM000005985D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  6. 86.
    In the very near future, personal communications systems such as the CT-2 system going into service in the U.K. and the DECT system under development in Europe will be wide spread. As these and similar systems become available, personal wmmunications devices such as cordless phones will be carried at all times. The...
    IPCOM000005984D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  7. 87.
    For many people who enjoy golf, one of the biggest inhibitors is the excessive time it takes to play. One contributing factor to this time is the delay caused by slow play on busy courses. Many wurses have rangers who patrol the course to try and keep play moving. The systems described here seek to facilitate that...
    IPCOM000005983D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  8. 88.
    Pseudo stitching of EMS objects
    IPCOM000005982D | Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-21
  9. 89.
    DC voltage operated electronic circuits are often polarity sensitive and require their battery source to be placed correctly or else possible damage may occur. A full-wave bridge diode circuit would allow battery placement regardless of polarity but would drop 1.4V if Silicon diodes are used and would result in...
    IPCOM000005981D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01
  10. 90.
    In the very near future, telepoint systems such as the CT-2 system going into service in the U.K. and DECT system under development in Europe will be wide spread. Assume for now that most people will carry personal communicators with them everywhere and that while these devices will probably be used as cordless home...
    IPCOM000005980D | Original Publication Date: 1990-Oct-01