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    The following describes a technology to allow groups of pagers to have their time updated from a system. A pager's time is used to timestamp incoming messages. This time is set by the user, and as such, is subject to errored entry. Furthermore, the time could be lost due to pager internal clock inaccuracies as well as...
    IPCOM000006774D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
  2. 12.
    Many pager users prefer to remove their pager from their belt when seated at a desk or worktable. For front mounted display pagers, it is convenient if the pager can be placed on the desk surface such that the display may be visible by the user without reorienting the pager. Because liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have...
    IPCOM000006773D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
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    Pager users most often wear their pagers clipped directly to their belt or an article of clothing. Alternately the pager may be secured in a carrycase which is like- wise worn. If the user prefers carrying their pager as described, and also wishes to carry writing accessories, it may be more convenient for them to...
    IPCOM000006772D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
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    The Mirapol A 400 is a neutralized phosphonocarboxylic acid (CAS number : 143239-08-1), that exhibits particularly interesting properties in detergent and cleaning applications such as laundry, Automatic Dish Washing, Hard Surface Cleaning among others where these benefits are key. This product provides anti-scaling...
    IPCOM000006771D | 2002-Jan-31
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    In CDMA systems (IS-95, IS-2000, etc.), the transmitter pulse shaping filter is a 48-tap FIR filter (known as IS-95 filter) defined in the standards. The received signal using the matched receiver filter has a signal to inter symbol interference ratio (SIR) around 16 dB. In 3G and beyond 3G CDMA systems (1XEV-DO,...
    IPCOM000006770D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-30
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    This document is described for extraction and purification of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) oligomer from flaxseed. The beneficial effect of SDG was well known. SDG and its mammalian lignan metabolites produced by the intestinal microflora were reported to enhance health by having phytoestrogenic,...
    IPCOM000006769D | 2002-Jan-30
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    Elliptic curve cryptography is rapidly becoming the public key cryptographic algorithm of choice for a variety of portable/embedded devices, such as PDAs, mobile phones, smart cards, etc, because of the reduced number of key bits required in comparison to other cryptosystems. However, this class of devices is uniquely...
    IPCOM000006768D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-30
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    Creation of an isolated EMI/RF environment by way of a electrically conductive can lined with RF absorber material and containing RF sealing finger stock along its opening edge that travels towards and acts upon a rigid bulkhead mounted sealing ring.
    IPCOM000006767D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-30
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    The following describes a technology to allow com- puter peripherals to be able to process information di- ferently than originally configured. In particular, com- munications peripherals such as wirelie and rfmodems and pagers, interact with a communication environment and a computational environment such that their...
    IPCOM000006766D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
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    The depletion mode device operates with a negative the negative feedback to Ql through R2. The voltage is gate-source voltage on Ql. By modifying the circuit of a stronger function of current in the connection mode Figure 1 to that of Figure 2, the problem is overcome. of Q3 (drain-gate) than a &ular diode. This same...
    IPCOM000006765D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01