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    The concept is essentially a micro-thermocouple (T-tip) for which micro-fabrication processes are used for manufacture. The T-tip can be used as a standard Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) tip for imaging sam- ple topography as well as a thermocouple to image local sample temperature. Figure 1 demonstrates the ability of...
    IPCOM000006732D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
  2. 52.
    Today's hardware designer has a multitude of devices to choose from when beginning a new design. In recent years the use of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA's) has drastically changed the way that designs are implemented. Designs so complex that they were considered nearly impossible just a few years ago can now...
    IPCOM000006731D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
  3. 53.
    The ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) feature has recently become one of the most important features of modem HF-SSB radios and has in fact become "a must" for large HF communications systems.
    IPCOM000006730D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
  4. 54.
    Field Programmable Logic Array (FPGA) devices are now beginning to rival custom gate arrays in terms of complexity and, to some extent, number of gates. Devices with 2,000 to 10,000 equivalent internal gates are quite common. Just about any new hardware design contains several programmable devices. A basic prob- lem...
    IPCOM000006729D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
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    A consequence of the increasingly large numbers of subscribers using cellular systems is that cell sizes (the area served by one radio base station) are becoming smaller in order to provide the necessary system capac- ity. Cell sizes below lkm radius are now quite common. The need to perform 'hand-ofP from one cell to...
    IPCOM000006728D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
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    High lead count IC packages require tine pitch wire bonding. The design and processing of a blanked or etched lead frame for a quad flat pack is presented that gives the required wire post pitch, and adequate lead-to- lead clearance. A lead frame design for tine pitch wire bonding is shown in Figure 1 and 2, attached.
    IPCOM000006727D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
  7. 57.
    The fabrication of state-of-the-art integrated circuits requires imaging of sub-O.5 micron features to increase both circuit density and device performance. The ability to print miniium feature size is often limited by the resolution of the available optical tool. Phase-shitbig pro- vides a way to extend the...
    IPCOM000006726D | Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
  8. 58.
    Coplanar or "dome" shape IC packages using stand- ard epoxy dispensing techniques for chip carriers has always been a concern for placement accuracy. Typical epoxy dispensing has always been directly onto a PC mother board and not a chip carrier due to camber and cost concerns. This technical Motorola Publication will...
    IPCOM000006725D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  9. 59.
    In some battery powered products using a piezo- electric transducer as an alerting device, it is desirable to be able to control the alert tone loudness. In addition, it is sometimes desirable to reduce the current drain drawn from the battery by the piezoelectric transducer driver circuit, particularly when the...
    IPCOM000006724D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
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    Sealing electrical assemblies can be a problem when using containment housings made horn plastic. The high clamping load required for most rigid seals results in both short and long term housing distortion, and possi- ble stress rupture. At the very least the distortion can allow unloading of the seal and subsequent...
    IPCOM000006723D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01