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    As the geometries of VLSI devices continue to shrink, not only do the etch processes become more challenging, but the contamination reduction/control issues become more critical. A typical etch process mod- ule will use several separate steps to form the pattern image as well as clean the various residues and...
    IPCOM000006722D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  2. 62.
    The transtnisrion of non time critical information over Common Channel SignaIling Number 7 (037) links behveen signaIling nodes is made more ejicient. The tech- nique exploits the unique combination of the need to send Operations and Maintenance (O&M) information over existing signalring links in a communications...
    IPCOM000006721D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  3. 63.
    Radiating feeder cables are primarily designed to distribute radio signals in confined areas. They are used where discrete antennas would be unsuitable by reason of inadequate coverage, excessive coverage overlapping adjacent areas, or unsightly appearance. Typical applica- tions are tunnels, stairwells, underground...
    IPCOM000006720D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  4. 64.
    In trunked radio control systems management dis- patchers may regroup one or more radios to dynamic T&groups or Subfleets to allow communication between radio operators that would not normally belong to the pre-coded groups available on the selectors on the radio units, as need arises. This feature is utilized to...
    IPCOM000006719D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  5. 65.
    The Authors have devised an improved process for As one can see above, the critical gate dimension is production of refractory gate GaAs FETs intended for set by the amount of undercut of the gate etch. This can RF applications. This process will make production sim- be diflicult to control to better than 0.1 micron...
    IPCOM000006718D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  6. 66.
    Because of the increasing size and complexity of integrated circuits, fault simulation and automatic test generation are among the most computer intensive tasks associated with integrated circuit design. This paper desctii two computer prwgrams which reduce the num- ber of faults that must be simulated or tested and...
    IPCOM000006717D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  7. 67.
    Traditionally, microprocessor based systems were debugged using an In-Circuit-Emulator (ICE)+ device that is attached to the microprocessor socket (some- times replacing it), which, under operator control exe- cutes either the normal application software or special debug software, halting execution when specific...
    IPCOM000006716D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  8. 68.
    The figure that follows shows a conversion circuit, which can take ECL level inputs, perform NOR logic function, and then provide 'ITL output drivability. Devices Ml and M2 perform logic functions while M3, M6, and M7 perform the necessary level translation.
    IPCOM000006715D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  9. 69.
    Process variations and defects (random and system- atic) necessitate that semiconductor wafers be electri- cally tested to identify defective die. Traditionally, these reject die have been marked with an ink dot to indicate at package assembly that such die are defective and must not be assembled.
    IPCOM000006714D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
  10. 70.
    Microcontrollers (MC&) thrive on the ability to be integrated with an assortment of non-volatile memories (NVMs). Typically, a large array of read-only memory (ROM) is needed for control code storage and a small array of full-featured electrically-erasable programmable ROM (EEPROM) is used for frequently-updated data...
    IPCOM000006713D | Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01