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    This publication describes a dual mode K-Band antenna for use on spacecraft communications links. A constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satel- lites is being developed for the Iridium7M'SM program which uses communication links between satellites (SV) and Earth stations in the 30/20 GHz commu- nications band. Each...
    IPCOM000007163D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    This publication describes an implementation technique that is a key element in improving the rejection of unwanted uncorrelated signals in digitally phase-coded radars and communications systems, The principles involved will be explained using a widely used phase coded correlation radar applica- tion which uses a...
    IPCOM000007162D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    This publication describes a sensor for detecting the physical orientation of polarized axial leaded capacitors in electronic assemblies.
    IPCOM000007161D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    This paper describes a novel method of approach- ing the problem of bond wire interfaces for transi- tions to microwave and millimeter-wave hardware. In general, Monolithic Microwave Integrated Cir- cuits (MMICs), and Multi-Chip Modules (MCMs), make their electrical connections using wire bonds. However, these wire...
    IPCOM000007160D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    This publication describes a method for wind- ing transformers and inductors using a flex-print coil structure.
    IPCOM000007159D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    Physical compartmentalization of electronic cir- cuitry prevents signal cross-talk and satisfies other EMI/isolation requirements. Relatively thick, custom- machined plates (often aluminum or alloys thereof) are usefully employed therefor when small quanti- ties (e.g., < 100 pieces) are needed and when the costs of...
    IPCOM000007158D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    The ICEBOX packaging element (Figure 1) phys- ically compartmentalizes packaged electronic cir- cuitry, providing signal isolation between molded elements arranged in a fashion resembling an ice cube tray.
    IPCOM000007157D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    This publication describes the determination of changes in the relative phase ofa transmitting source by utilizing the receivers optimum sampling point From a digital phase detector/integrator as phase information. This system is particularly useful in a burst mode satellite to satellite link where range rate...
    IPCOM000007156D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    The Motorola Modular Microcontroller Family MCUs support a Low Power STOP (LPSTOP) mode. In Low Power STOP mode the MCU goes to it's lowest power consumption state under the CPU con- trol. In this LPSTOP mode, the external bus is not used by the MCU since the CPU is not available to run external bus cycles. To reduce...
    IPCOM000007155D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
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    In the Motorola Modular Microcontroller Fam- ily, as in the 68000 family, the hmction code signals FC[2:0] are basically an extension of the address bus, providing multiple address spaces. These spaces are designated as either user or supervisor, and program or data spaces. One address space has been desig- nated as...
    IPCOM000007154D | Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01