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    A spacer facilitates the construction of in-line connectors having various numbers of ring contacts. The spacer both established the spacing between contacts, and serves as a structural member of the connector. The spacer is constructed from a dielectric material to insulate consecutive ring contacts, is substantially...
    IPCOM000007483D | 2002-Mar-29
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    The snap-in, rotate-out belt clip consists of three unique elements: a retainer and back cover made of molded plastic, and a spring clip formed from wire spring material.
    IPCOM000007482D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    A useli method of giving the operator of a port- able or mobile radio feedback on the radio's state would be to make the PTT switch, or the whole body ofthe radio or microphone, vibrate. This could be done by using the same type of vibrating motor that are used in vibrapage pagers. They are small and typically draw...
    IPCOM000007481D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    The invention being described is a new method to rekey a radio. This method is different than cur- rent OIAR implementation since the key(s) are never sent over the air. The subscribers will be given a longer "superkey" which will be used to store shorter traffic and key encryption keys. For example, a 128 key...
    IPCOM000007480D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    Integrated voice/data systems ohen require both voice and data traffic to be sent on the same chan- nel. The goal in such a system is to allow the voice and data users to co-exist with the minimum amount of interference. The goal of such an integrated sys- tem is to provide the data users with a high data throughput...
    IPCOM000007479D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    The system is conventional or trunked Over-The- Air-Rekeying (OTAR). A Key Management Control- ler (KMC) is used to send encryption keys to radios. Radios have a Key Encryption Key (KEK) in com- mon with the KMC. This allows the KMC to send traffic encryption keys (TEKs), over-the-air, encrypted with the KEK, to the...
    IPCOM000007478D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    This paper presents a novel technique for the tun- ing of high dielectric resonators at microwave and mil- limeter wave frequencies. The resonator is tuned by coupling it to a section of non-resonant microsirip line. An experimental band-rejectfilter with a Q of 550 was tuned using this technique. The resulting tuning...
    IPCOM000007477D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    This idea relates to an audio processing circuit that enables voice communication systems to improve actual S/N performance.
    IPCOM000007476D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    Radio tuning is performed at the factory as a for radio serial number '1234567890'). part ofthe manufacturing process. Each tuning data suits only the tuned radio and cannot be used for The improvement gained by this idea is the abil- another radio. ity to save radio tuning information and restore it to the radio...
    IPCOM000007475D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    In many stripline and Multilayer Ceramic (MLC) circuits, it is desirable to have relatively high value capacitors and relatively high impedance transmis- sion lines. This can be accomplished by mixing high and low dielectric layers. When a large capacitor is desired a high dielectric layer is used between its plates....
    IPCOM000007474D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01