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    There are many situations where customers uti- lize both trunked radios and digital pagers. Currently, to activate a pager from a trunked radio, the operator ofthe trunked radio must either utilize a land based telephone or must place a trunked telephone inter- connect call. This is because the typical interface to...
    IPCOM000007443D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
  2. 42.
    This strategy is intended to provide immediate clutch response sufficient to prevent slip during engine braking, yet permit smooth off-throttle operation by eliminating torque transfer during events where slip is unlikely. Additionally, the strategy should be able to optimize the clutch response required to control...
    IPCOM000007442D | 2002-Mar-26
  3. 43.
    The disclosure relates to the control of trim heaters for preventing the formation of condensation on areas of a refrigerated display cabinet. The power supplied to the trim heaters is varied as a fraction of the maximum power, depending on the ambient temperature and relative humidity. The same fraction of maximum...
    IPCOM000007441D | 2002-Mar-26
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    IPCOM000007440D | 2002-Mar-26
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    As soon as the squelch switches the audio elf, the software increases the squelch attenuator (e.g. in the ASFIC chip) by some steps. This keeps the audio switched off.
    IPCOM000007439D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    The system is conventional Over-The-Air- Rekeying (OTAR) or is trunking OTAR. Radios with encryption may request encryption keys from a Key Management Controller (KMC) by a menu selec- tion that activates a Rekey Request. A Rekey Request data message (includes the radio's ID) is sent from the radio to the KMC so the...
    IPCOM000007438D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    The most common 8-bits MCU used to date, having a PWM unit, can be used to perform DAC. Unfortunately in most applications the 8-bits reso- lution is not suitable. IO-bits or more are ohen required to increase the dynamic range of the con- trolled system.
    IPCOM000007437D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    This new, compact UHF filter combines excel- lent electrical performance with single-axis assem- bly; it is an integral part of the UHF Quantar/Quantro base station receiver module. The filter is easy to tune, its center frequency is stable under vibration and over temperature variations, and the filter is free...
    IPCOM000007436D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    A technique for reducing cross-talk between dif- ferent circuit sections in an integrated circuit (IQ through the conductive silicon substrate, is described. The technique uses a set of concentric guard rings around the source and sensor of cross-talk in a man- ner that allows reduction of overall die size of the IC.
    IPCOM000007435D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    The introduction of the Smart card in various places around the world has aroused increased inter- est in the usage of such a device. At the present time, the smart card used as a credit card has the capability of storing and updating balance of "avail- able credit" of the users. The activity of deducting from...
    IPCOM000007434D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01