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    Modern wireless communication network base stations must operate over many bands, and systems with different channelization requiring different fre- quency stability options. The problem with compat- ibility ofa single base station design with large num- ber of stability requirements is a way must be found to provide...
    IPCOM000007433D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    The VOX described here is an audio proximity detector. Applications for the VOX are envisioned as supportive of portable radio communications. Two microphones are utilized. The 1st is placed next to the VOX operator's mouth to capture his voice and the 2nd placed away from his mouth to capture back- ground noise....
    IPCOM000007432D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
  3. 53.
    When the battery of a pager goes low, the user is prompted by a visual LOW BATTERY indication which warns the user to change the battery. In those pagers with a backup cell, the time and date set- tings of the real time clock will be retained as long as the battery is changed before the backup cell flats out. But if...
    IPCOM000007431D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
  4. 54.
    Using an alphanumeric pager to act as an alarm clock is not a novel idea. Nor is the concept of send- ing individual messages to the pager and then configuring the pager to alarm at a future time and date and displaying that particular message. It may be unique however, to permit the pager wearer to do the following:...
    IPCOM000007430D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    Problem Caused by the Skew Effect: A digital signal is measured by collecting a number of sam- ples per level. From each level, only 'one' sample is selected as the measurement ofthat level. Other sam- ples from that level are ignored.
    IPCOM000007429D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    As competition in the paging industry becomes more fierce, a product which merely meets a cus- tomer need is no longer good enough. The product must now go beyond fulfilling a need to the point of creating customer delight. Creating this customer delight in a way that is both cost effective and relia- ble is at the...
    IPCOM000007428D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    IPCOM000007427D | 2002-Mar-25
  8. 58.
    The system is a console-based conventional or trunked radio system with portable and mobile radios. Radios in the system are not capable of sending any video information, but can send their location with the voice as embedded information.
    IPCOM000007426D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    Silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors have been successfidly assembled with Parylene C" in place of fluorosilicone gels. Parylene" is a conformal coating (Figure 1) that is chemically resistant to most known solvents below 175°C. Therefore, it is being used to provide media compatibility for conventional pres- sure...
    IPCOM000007425D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
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    Thermode reflow soldering is a manufacturing technique for soldering multiple connections in one step utilizing a resistively heated thermode blade to reflow the solder at the connections. Soldering multiple I/O runners such as those used for LCD interconnects is a typical application for this tech- nology. There are...
    IPCOM000007424D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01