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  1. 71.
    There is currently no existing part available that can be used as a combination ofan ultra sonic insert for plastic and a printed circuit board holder.
    IPCOM000007413D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  2. 72.
    The function of this system is to allow a vehicle to arrive at a destination such as secured govern- ment installation, office complex, or distribution center/manufacturing site and by means of infor- mation and data delivered in route via wide area r.f transmission to this device, to locate and access the correct...
    IPCOM000007412D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  3. 73.
    The purpose of this device is to allow a delivery vehicle to arrive at a distribution center/manufactur- ing site and by means of information and data delivered in route by wide area r.f transmission to the device, to locate and access the correct entry point by transmitting from the device an identitica- tion access...
    IPCOM000007411D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  4. 74.
    The implementation of Ball Grid Array (BGA) sphere leaves a dark "hole" (see Figure 3 and 4). IC packages presents a machine vision challenge dur- This lighting technique lends itself well to full array ing packaging and placement of the part. Taking an and singulated part inspection. accurate count of the balls is...
    IPCOM000007410D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  5. 75.
    The majority of paging devices on the market today receive relatively short messages, made up of phone numbers and other messages such as "Call Pete at 555-12121' As paging becomes better known and used by more people, users are expecting to send and receive more and longer messages. Conse- quently, modern pagers are...
    IPCOM000007409D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  6. 76.
    The purpose of the RF pager test jack is to min- imize the testing/troubleshooting and tuning times for pagers. Troubleshooting a pager which has mar- ginal page sensitivity normally requires the testing of several subsystems. Determination of an antenna problem or SOQ injection problem must be made. The unique design...
    IPCOM000007408D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  7. 77.
    A new generation of two-way paging devices will allow the subscriber unit to communicate with the paging system and indicate to the system various error conditions. One such error condition can occur when the paging system sends a series of messages to the subscriber unit with the acknowledgment to be transmitted by...
    IPCOM000007407D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  8. 78.
    PROBLEM STATEMENT SOLUTION The programming contacts on a pager are Use the battery door lock switch to protect the exposed and are therefore susceptible to electrostatic programming contacts (also known as the Serial discharge (ESD). An ESD hit could disable a pager, Communication Interface or SCI) when the pager is...
    IPCOM000007406D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  9. 79.
    Interface IC, the PIPE ASIC, has been designed with features to address the problems of operating in a split supply environment.
    IPCOM000007405D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  10. 80.
    The present Snap-Ease product is a hard plastic a cutout to the back ofthe Snap-Eaze product in the protective pager cover that snaps over a pager. The shape ofa belt clip with a small turned up lip at the pager with the protective cover must then be placed bottom of the opening. This would combine a pro- into a...
    IPCOM000007404D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01