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  1. 81.
    The operation of a pager must sometimes be made as simple as possible. Certain users such as volunteer fire department personnel, may go for days or weeks without receiving a page. When the emer- gency page does arrive, the user may be too unfa- miliar with the pager operation to effectively read the emergency...
    IPCOM000007403D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  2. 82.
    In today's two-way RF environment of having a limited number of frequency (channel) resources, the capability of using those channels in the most efficient manner becomes a critical issue for the Landmobile industry as a whole. Being able to turn channels on and off based on current site loading becomes the ideal...
    IPCOM000007402D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  3. 83.
    Gelled matrix liquid compositions suitable for constructing fiber reinforced plastics and gel coats are disclosed which comprise a matrix liquid and a gellant, the liquid being a mixture of one or more polymerizable monomers, an unsaturated polyester resin, a curing catalyst and optional components such solvent and...
    IPCOM000007401D | 2002-Mar-21
  4. 84.
    Variable Displacement Engines (VDEs) are being developed and manufactured for purposes of increasing automotive fuel economy. In VDEs, a subset of cylinders are deactivated during low power demand conditions such as idle, part throttle or steady state speeds. During high power demand conditions the subset of...
    IPCOM000007400D | 2002-Mar-21
  5. 85.
    A crimpless mechanical termination uses an adhesive coated heat shrinkable material in conjunction with the shielding conductor of a coaxial cable to secure a conductive busing on the end of a coaxial cable.
    IPCOM000007399D | 2002-Mar-21
  6. 86.
    In the Motorola Integrated Radio System (MIRS), subscriber radios go through a Cell Selection proc- ess upon power-up or when out of coverage in an attempt to find an acceptable MIRS control chan- nel. An acceptable MIRS control channel is one that has significantly good signal strength and signal qual- ity and is one...
    IPCOM000007398D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  7. 87.
    As a result of the need for an improved GaAs The process consists of two steps. The first step wafer dicing process in CS-1, the 60 degree bevel utilizes a 60 degree beveled saw blade to remove the process has been successfully developed. Significant top layer of material from the saw street. The sec- improvements in...
    IPCOM000007397D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  8. 88.
    A new experimental technique, including both hardware and data-reduction methodology, has been developed for thermal characterization of semicon- ductor packages. This technique allows direct meas- urement of the two primary thermal resistances corresponding to a two-parameter thermal model of a package mounted on a...
    IPCOM000007396D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  9. 89.
    The industry trend is to reduce part count, and the PCB is snapped into the internal under cuts on increase ease of assembly. Both of these concerns the baseplate (Figure 1) causing the cantilever beams drive the need for snap tit designs into every new to deflect outward. Then the baseplate subassembly product....
    IPCOM000007395D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
  10. 90.
    When a portable radio is used at night, its LCD display is difficult to view without backlighting. Radios presently have a means of activating the backlight when a dedicated backlight button is hit, or when any user input occurs. This gives the viewer a means to view the display while initiating an oper- ation, but it...
    IPCOM000007394D | Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01