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    Emerging new market electronic applications require over-voltage protection on the low value range (under 30 Volt) compatible with low capacitance values for low insertion losses on high frequency transmission lines. Thus, a bi-directional or unidirectional Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) device design having...
    IPCOM000007868D | 2002-Apr-30
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    A method of identifying pertinent transform coefficients in an object classification method for classifying objects in a digital image of the type that includes the steps of performing a frequency domain transformation on the digital image to produce transform coefficients, extracting a feature vector from the...
    IPCOM000007867D | 2002-Apr-30
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    Apparatus for activating telephone services includes a central processing unit and a storage device connected to the central processing unit for storing images and associated telephone numbers. A visual display is connected to the central processing unit for displaying one or more images from the storage device. The...
    IPCOM000007866D | 2002-Apr-30
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    A system requires a small, low current, high per- formance VHF receiver to operate along side one or more high-power VHF or UHF transmitters. Because the receiver's antenna is physically close to the trans- mit antenna(s), the RF power that the receiver sees can be as high as 10 watts for as long as one minute. This...
    IPCOM000007865D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01
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    EXISTING METHODS Wueless communication systems often require extremely accurate modulation methods. This cre- ates the need for a VCO with modulation sensitiv- ity flatness up to a cutoff frequency determined by the application. The method presented here of modulating VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) is an...
    IPCOM000007864D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01
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    The purpose of the algorithm described in this paper is to design an IIR filter network which matches an arbitrary tiequency response, based on a user spec- ification, with minimal number of IIR sections. Since the goal is to use a minimum number of second order IIR sections, while maintaining a minimum error between...
    IPCOM000007863D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01
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    A new drain region process to control erased V, distribution by moving drain junction implants after the ON0 formation has been proposed for a 16-bit microcontroller with embedded flash EEPROM memory. The new integration reduces drain implant mask alignment sensitivity and improves the proc- ess to be forgiving and...
    IPCOM000007862D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01
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    The gap logic described below is used in PLL based systems where in addition to the reference and feedback signals, referred to as clocks, being aligned by the PLL, there is a second set of signals, referred to as syncs, which must be aligned. The relationship between the syncs and the clocks must be maintained during...
    IPCOM000007861D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01
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    With the growth of Motorola's alpha-numeric pag- ing portfolio, there is a detinite need to address alpha- numeric data entry, Currently, the only way to send alpha-numeric pages is through an alphamate ter- minal, computer with alpha software or paying a per page fee when calling in and leaving a message with a pager...
    IPCOM000007860D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01
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    Water containing As waste is generated in many industrial processes, one of which is the fabrication of semiconductor devices from GaAs-related mate- rials. Industrial wastewater treatment plants are used to remove As and to permit the release of industrial water to municipal drains at As concentrations less than the...
    IPCOM000007859D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01