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  1. 71.
    Modern wireless communications base stations often need to have the ability to detect Tone-Control signals and "Continuous Digital-Controlled-Squelch- System" (CDCSS) signals simultaneously. The prob- lem caused due to the simultaneous use of both sig- naling methods is that the CDCSS signals have frequency components...
    IPCOM000007795D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  2. 72.
    The subject of low power IC design is ofparticu- lar interest over the last two or three years [I]. Static CMOS circuits are very suitable for this purpose since they do not consume power in the stationary state. The goal of the research reported in this paper was to develop a fast and accurate method for power...
    IPCOM000007794D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  3. 73.
    In trunked systems, ACC OSWs inform a subscriber unit of sites it should attempt to choose from when it needs to roam. One of the pieces of information in these OSWs is the status ofthe adja- cent site-Site Trunking or Wide Trunking. Subscriber units prefer to be at sites that are in wide trunking because this...
    IPCOM000007793D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  4. 74.
    As IC's grow more dense in transistor count the time it takes to test those It's also grows. Most designers are looking for ways to reduce the test time while improving the test coverage. One solution is to use a lull scan approach where each and every latch or flip flop is on a serial scan chain that can be written...
    IPCOM000007792D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  5. 75.
    An advanced silicon integrated circuit process utilizes a sub-micron trench extending through a layer of polysilicon over single crystal silicon. The profile and depth of this narrow trench impact the characteristics of the device and therefore must be well controlled. Two approaches to define this trench are...
    IPCOM000007791D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  6. 76.
    In a very wide area communication system, there may be a centralized database (Home Location Reg- ister) which stores master copies of all subscribers attributes and several local databases (Visitors Loca- tion Register) which store local copies of the subscriber attributes. When a subscriber roams into an area...
    IPCOM000007790D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  7. 77.
    Modem wireless communications base stations offen require a high stability frequency reference with significantly better than 1 ppm stability. This level of frequency reference performance requires a design based on a ovenized oscillator.
    IPCOM000007789D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  8. 78.
    The shoe clip 10 shown in Figures 1 and 2 is an optional accessory for holstered pagers 25. The hol- ster 30 can be clipped to sneakers, boots or any weighted type shoe and is especially convenient for use by people who wear light clothing, such as jog- gers. When the holster 30 is clipped to a shoe, as shown, the...
    IPCOM000007788D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  9. 79.
    Advanced multi-level metal technologies being developed in research and development laboratories use oxide chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) to planarize an inter-level dielectric (ILD) and tung- sten (w) CMP to define the W interconnect via plugs. The simplified integration is: deposit and pattern bottom metal;...
    IPCOM000007787D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01
  10. 80.
    When an individual makes a landline to mobile/ portable radio-telephone telephone call, and the user of the target radio is not available to answer, it is desirable to be able to instantly call another radio, without having to give up the phone line. Telephone interconnect resources in radio systems being lim- ited,...
    IPCOM000007786D | Original Publication Date: 1996-Aug-01