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Month of July 2002 - Page Number 10

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  1. 91.
    Disclosed is a method for random access memory (RAM) allocation and performance improvement for high-performance packet relay in a switch with configurable link widths and virtual lanes. Benefits include improved performance.
    IPCOM000008927D | 2002-Jul-24
  2. 92.
    This invention provides a more reliable commu- nication protocol for redundant radio network gate- way (RNG) configuration used in the DataTAC 5000 wireless data network. The new design would prevent a synchronization problem in the event of a network failure.
    IPCOM000008926D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  3. 93.
    Upon activation of a vehicle's brakes, a signal is transmitted to any immediately following vehicle. This signal activates the brake lights of the follow- ing vehicle and may provide an audible warning to the driver. The following vehicle re-transmits the signal to the next vehicle in the traflic stream.
    IPCOM000008925D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  4. 94.
    On a typical paging terminal users can retrieve pages sent to them using the message retransmission feature. The user inputs the sequence number(s) of the messages that he/she desires to be retransmitted to his pager. The user input could be a single sequence number or a range of sequence numbers. This input is...
    IPCOM000008924D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  5. 95.
    This paper describes how, by integrating the The proposed solution relies on the two corner component placement fiducial, components can be pads, which are under the most stress and are there- placed more economically with respect to printed fore seldom used, being altered in shape as shown in circuit board real...
    IPCOM000008923D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  6. 96.
    This paper describes a circuit for multiplexing EIA-232 serial ports for the purpose of unobtrusive monitoring of the communications that take place between two pieces of equipment. This method pro- vides the ability for a host processor to receive mes- sages transmitted by both pieces of equipment as well as the...
    IPCOM000008922D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  7. 97.
    A single switch is provided on a data transmis- sion device. With one hand, the operator rotates the switch to select data and then presses the switch to transmit the selected data.
    IPCOM000008921D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  8. 98.
    A microphone is integrated into the structure of a loudspeaker. Spring contacts provide the micro- phone connections, thereby eliminating wires, flex- es, connectors, or soldered contacts. This arrange- ment can be used in a portable radio.
    IPCOM000008920D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  9. 99.
    One of the main drawbacks of an instruction set simulator is the lack of any direct I/O, in particular Development systems based on instruction set physical I/O. A simulator uses a software-simulated simulators are becoming increasing popular in the memory map and as such has no direct contact with embedded...
    IPCOM000008919D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  10. 100.
    Solder Paste printing is one of the basic process- es which is used to assemble Printed Circuit Board assemblies. This takes the form of a screen-printing process using a metal screen and solder in the form of a paste. The solder paste is a complex formula- tion made from tiny spheres of a eutectic mix of tin and lead...
    IPCOM000008918D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01