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Month of July 2002 - Page Number 12

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  1. 111.
    A cost-effective reservation snoop mechanism for a bus interface unit with multiple bidirectional buses and the capability of handling reservation des- tinations on all buses. A reservation can only be set from one of the buses but the reserved memory location can be on any bus. Further, the reserved location can be...
    IPCOM000008907D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  2. 112.
    The testing of CMOS circuits with high spatial and timing resolution can be achieved using picosecond emission microscopy based on a microchannel plate photomultiplier tube with a posi- tion-sensitive anode and time-correlated photon counting, but the time resolution is limited to about 10 GHz. The time resolution can...
    IPCOM000008906D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  3. 113.
    In order to store charge in a ferroelectric non- volatile memory, capacitors comprised of an elec- trode/ ferroelectric/ electrode structure will be used. One of the materials currently being researched for this use is strontium bismuth tantalate (SBT) because of its high write speed and low-voltage write, which would...
    IPCOM000008905D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  4. 114.
    Lithium-ion battery technology has several unique safety concerns relative to traditional aque- ous battery chemistries. Under abuse conditions, a lithium ion cell may overheat, leading to ignition of the flammable organic electrolyte in the cell. Examples of common abuse conditions are 1) short- circuit, creating...
    IPCOM000008904D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  5. 115.
    Flexible circuits are intended for use in applica- tions where space is at a premium and bending is required. Copper on the outer surface of a bend experience considerable tension (Figure I) and can crack when the distance to the bending neutral axis is too great (i.e. the substrate is too thick).
    IPCOM000008903D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  6. 116.
    As automatic navigation products become popu- lar, demands for high quality route planning and guidance tools increase. Planning and guidance can be used in a vehicle to direct its occupants to their destinations, used in a hand-held (or laptop) mobile device to achieve the similar purpose, used on the Internet to...
    IPCOM000008902D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  7. 117.
    Using a Doherty circuit is one good way to improve RF Power amplifier (PA) efficiency, but it has found only limited application in practice because there are two critical transmission line lengths which must be set correctly in order to minimize distortion products such as IMD and spectral regrowth. While there are...
    IPCOM000008901D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-22
  8. 118.
    Disclosed is a method for a thin die, thin thermal interface material (TIM) package with amorphous metal TIM. Benefits include improved electrical and thermal performance.
    IPCOM000008900D | 2002-Jul-22
  9. 119.
    A technique for creating thermally stable metal gate electrode materials is described. As the MOSFET gate lengths scale down to 50 nm and below, the series capacitance from poly-silicon gate electrode depletion significantly reduces the gate capacitance as the dielectric thickness is scaled to 10 Å SiO2 equivalent...
    IPCOM000008899D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-22
  10. 120.
    Disclosed is a method for low stress, high yield plated-through-hole (PTH) designs in metal core flip-chip microelectronic packages. Benefits include improved reliability.
    IPCOM000008898D | 2002-Jul-22