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Month of July 2002 - Page Number 13

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  1. 121.
    This paper describes a solution to a pack routing problem faced in a satellite based cellular system. An algorithm is described which is used to prevent fatal packet routing race conditions that can occur due to the mobile stations handing off from satellite to satellite.
    IPCOM000008897D | Original Publication Date: 1998-Sep-01
  2. 122.
    A communications receiver is designed for use in a noisy environment. Circuitry is provided to decide whether the ambient noise level at a user's location is too high for a caller to speak to the user. If so, the caller can leave a voice-mail message for the user.
    IPCOM000008896D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  3. 123.
    For a Mobile Satellite System (MSS) to operate, portable and mobile radio users must be notified of an incoming call. This is done using a ring alert sig- nal which is broadcast on various beams on various satellites that each of the radio users are listening to. This paper describes an approach for the calculation of...
    IPCOM000008895D | Original Publication Date: 1998-Sep-01
  4. 124.
    When an email message is received, it is con- verted into speech and read to the recipient. This arrangement may be used by the driver of a vehicle.
    IPCOM000008894D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  5. 125.
    The following presents a new revenue-produc- ing IRIDIUM data service which can potentially co- exist with the current IRIDIUM voice/messaging/ data services. It includes a description of both the technique and the equipment needed to implement the technique. The proposed new service exploits the often under-utilized....
    IPCOM000008893D | Original Publication Date: 1998-Sep-01
  6. 126.
    The transmitter of a communication unit is designed to operate when it both receives voice modulation and a further condition is fulfilled. That further condition can be that one or more of several different criteria are met, such as that the presence of a human face has been sensed by its temperature and/or distance.
    IPCOM000008892D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  7. 127.
    Country codes and international access codes are stored in a cellular telephone. This enables users to make calls to foreign countries without knowing these codes.
    IPCOM000008891D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  8. 128.
    Microprocessors which incorporate dynamic branch-prediction are aided with the use of a branch-prediction buffer. This buffer is well known in some circles as a Branch History Table (BHT). A BHT is a small memory typically indexed by a lower portion of the branch instruction address that contains information on...
    IPCOM000008890D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  9. 129.
    In satellite cellular communication systems, beam activation schedules need to be managed in a systematic manner to ensure a proper balance between system capacity, communication quality, and power consumption. However, the following phenomena or problems are encountered when designing beam management algorithms: I) A...
    IPCOM000008889D | Original Publication Date: 1998-Sep-01
  10. 130.
    In a Motorola trunked radio system a subscriber unit (SU) in a failsoft mode of operation will period- ically leave the failsoft channel to perform a control channel (CC) lookback search. The CC lookback search consists of reprogramming the SU to the CC frequencies of sites which are learned either through roaming to...
    IPCOM000008888D | Original Publication Date: 1998-Sep-01