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    Disclosed is a method for a roller apparatus to improve coplanarity of solder balls on ball grid arrays (BGAs). Benefits include improved reliability and improved yield.
    IPCOM000008967D | 2002-Jul-26
  2. 52.
    Disclosed is a method that uses heat to attach an integrated heat spreader (IHS) to a package while maintaining sufficient pressure between the IHS and the die. Benefits include lower cost and the ability to attach the IHS without clips or special trays.
    IPCOM000008966D | 2002-Jul-26
  3. 53.
    Disclosed is a method for a grounding mechanism for a computer internal wireless antenna solution. Benefits include improved functionality and improved ease of implementation.
    IPCOM000008965D | 2002-Jul-26
  4. 54.
    Disclosed is a method for active directivity and checking. Benefits include improved ease of implementation and improved usability.
    IPCOM000008964D | 2002-Jul-26
  5. 55.
    Disclosed is a method for an anti-chaffing and shield-grounded coaxial mount. Benefits include improved functionality and improved cable service life.
    IPCOM000008963D | 2002-Jul-26
  6. 56.
    Disclosed is a method for 10/100BaseT and 1000BaseT RJ45 modular jacks with identical mechanical and electrical layouts. Benefits include improved functionality, an improved design environment, and improved product lead time.
    IPCOM000008962D | 2002-Jul-26
  7. 57.
    Disclosed is a method for a high-density cap. Benefits include improved capacitance.
    IPCOM000008961D | 2002-Jul-26
  8. 58.
    Presently, Greatwall and Pagoda pagers have auto-roaming channels restricted to the same 280Mhz or 322Mhz bands.
    IPCOM000008960D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  9. 59.
    In recent years, customers are demanding for more information to be displayed on portable prod- ucts. In order to display more information, displays such as liquid crystal displays (LCD) need to be larger in size. However, with communication devices becoming more compact and smaller in size and weight, these LCDs will...
    IPCOM000008959D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
  10. 60.
    This paper deals with a common problem which is inherent to any FM radio communication system: the ability of two or more radios to transmit on the same RF channel at the same time, and by that to prohibit any radio from being heard. This paper proposes a sig- naling scheme which enables any radio to monitor when the...
    IPCOM000008958D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01