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    Disclosed is a method for a hybrid solder ball pattern on ball-grid array (BGA) packages for solder-joint reliability improvement and process window expansion. Benefits include improved reliability.
    IPCOM000009498D | 2002-Aug-28
  2. 42.
    Disclosed is a method for a connector coupler device. Benefits include improved design simplicity and scalability, improved throughput, and improved cost effectiveness.
    IPCOM000009497D | 2002-Aug-28
  3. 43.
    Disclosed is a method for a pin heat insulator. Benefits include improved reliability.
    IPCOM000009496D | 2002-Aug-28
  4. 44.
    Disclosed is a method for a ground spline package design. Benefits include improved printed circuit board (PCB) layout.
    IPCOM000009495D | 2002-Aug-28
  5. 45.
    Disclosed is a method for using a newly designed component on a VDHM daughter card connector when using a universal electromechanical press. Benefits include increased structural support, and the ability to use various VHDM daughter card connectors that use the existing press fit process.
    IPCOM000009494D | 2002-Aug-28
  6. 46.
    This publication discloses a matched speed bearer ring die module and a method to reduce cutter tip scrubbing. As a result, the manufacturing cost per cut is reduced by the new module. The method uses an adjustable bearer ring die module and proper configuration of the bearer rings to increase module life between...
    IPCOM000009493D | 2002-Aug-28
  7. 47.
    In the design of high power solid state microwave amplifiers one common way of achiev- ing higher power is to power combine multiple power amplifier devices. If the RF power from sep- arate solid state power amplifiers is summed in phase, the resulting output power is additive. However, if there is a phase difference...
    IPCOM000009492D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Sep-01
  8. 48.
    A design methodology for logic is described which provides for the easy application of a voltage across the gate-drain, gate-source, and gate-bulk of all transistors in the circuit. This can be accom- plished in only two test vectors. If the static Idd cur- rent is measured during these two test vectors, the integrity...
    IPCOM000009491D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Sep-01
  9. 49.
    Generally, a fixed wireless telephone service is used as an alternative to wire line telephone service in rural or urban settings, particularly in developing countries. One way of providing a fixed wireless telephone service is to use a conventional cellular telephone system and couple it with a wire line tele- phone...
    IPCOM000009490D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Sep-01
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    One of the principle factors that determine the effectiveness of an Rf based receive system is the antenna. The geometry of the antenna structure and the relationship to its counterpoise (i.e. ground plane) determine feed impedance and efficiency. Once the design parameters of the antenna have been established the...
    IPCOM000009489D | Original Publication Date: 1999-Sep-01