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    IPCOM000009928D | 2002-Sep-30
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    BIOGAIA AB is adopting it’s patented* LifeTop Straw product to also fit into tube-feeding systems for hospitalized patients. LifeTop Straw is a innovative product from BIOGAIA, containing sensitive ingredients inside the straw, for addition to various drinks and liquids during consumption. Now the purpose is to...
    IPCOM000009926D | 2002-Sep-29
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    The purpose of the system is to provide a uniform illumination onto a target. This target can be close to the system, like in an LCD display, and the system is configured as a backlight, or the system can be on the ceiling or wall of a room, and provide a uniform illumination in the room or on a desk. The system...
    IPCOM000009925D | 2002-Sep-28
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    High voltage requirement of conventional Nonvolatile Semiconductor Memory (NVSM) create a reliability issue, as it exceeds the voltage limits of the scaled peripheral CMOS devices. In this article, we describe a novel floating trap NVSM, which replaces the nitride storage layer with hafnium metal oxide, hence lowering...
    IPCOM000009924D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Sep-27
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    Effect pigments consisting of platy substrates such as mica, borosilicate flakes or Al203 flakes, which have been encapsulated with magnetic forms of cobalt oxides and/or cobalt ferrites, can yield very unique three-dimensional effects when utilized in the presence of magnetic fields, electromagnetic and electrostatic...
    IPCOM000009923D | 2002-Sep-27
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    In alternating aperature phase shifting masks, there can be a transmission imbalance between the zero and 180 degree phase shifters. A phase assignment strategy is described to help reduce the effects of the imbalance.
    IPCOM000009922D | 2002-Sep-27
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    The HCll and HCl2 families of microcontrollers have historically allowed customers great flexibility in the handling of interrupts. For instance, an interrupt that is asserted will cause an interrupt request to be sent to the CPU, but the vector address is not calculated immediately; instead, the vector address is...
    IPCOM000009921D | Original Publication Date: 2000-May-01
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    All architectures of the ColdFire family of 32bit embedded microprocessors implement a decoupled pipeline strategy, where the operation of the Instruction Fetch Pipeline (IFF) is decoupled from the Operand Execution Pipeline (OEP) through the use of a FlFO instruction buffer. This mechanism allows the IFP to prefetch...
    IPCOM000009920D | Original Publication Date: 2000-May-01
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    A process of increasing the carbon chain length of an olefinic compound comprising the steps of providing a starting olefinic compound and subjecting it to hydroformylation to produce an aldehyde and/or alcohol with an increased carbon chain length compared to the starting olefinic compound. Optionally the aldehyde...
    IPCOM000009919D | 2002-Sep-27
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    This feature eliminates the inconvenience of writing down or remembering a phone number when calling directory assistance on a wireless PCS phone. Instead, directory assistance pushes the number directly to the phone book in the user's handset. One particularly important use case is when the user must drive and talk...
    IPCOM000009906D | Original Publication Date: 2000-May-01