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  1. 141.
    Disclosed is a method for customization of the user/cell phone interface. Benefits include improved useability, improved functionality, and improved design flexibility.
    IPCOM000010025D | 2002-Oct-09
  2. 142.
    Disclosed is a method for a double-exposure technique with a reverse tone-mask pattern or trim mask for flare compensation in lithography. Benefits include improved performance.
    IPCOM000010024D | 2002-Oct-09
  3. 143.
    Disclosed is a method for using potassium hydroxide (KOH) to clean scrubber photovoltaic array (PVA) brushes. Benefits include improved performance, improved throughput, improved functionality, and improved quality.
    IPCOM000010023D | 2002-Oct-09
  4. 144.
    Disclosed is a method that uses a coupon configuration to measure the fill percent of the plugging material in vias after the plugging process. Benefits include real-time measurements without taking a cross section.
    IPCOM000010022D | 2002-Oct-09
  5. 145.
    Disclosed is a method for a heatsink using composite materials with nonisotropic thermal conductivity. Benefits include improved thermal performance.
    IPCOM000010021D | 2002-Oct-09
  6. 146.
    Disclosed is a method for holding and releasing stacked heat spreaders in tubes to eliminate surface scratching during dispensing. Benefits include improved reliability, improved ease of manufacturing, and improved ease of implementation.
    IPCOM000010020D | 2002-Oct-09
  7. 147.
    Disclosed is a method for a mold pattern to enable solder printing onto 300-mm wafers down to 100-micron pitch. Benefits include improved functionality and improved reliability.
    IPCOM000010019D | 2002-Oct-09
  8. 148.
    Disclosed is a method for an in-line 8/2/2 bump-out pattern for high-speed serial interfaces. Benefits include improved performance.
    IPCOM000010018D | 2002-Oct-09
  9. 149.
    By identifying a set of pattern/group pairs, the complete list of mappings between request strings and groups needn't be installed into a running system. This has two advantages. Firstly it reduces the amount of storage required to store the mappings. Secondly if there are less patterns to be compared with an...
    IPCOM000010012D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-09
  10. 150.
    This disclosure describes a method of making the HTML both accessible and easily translatable.
    IPCOM000010011D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-09