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    IPCOM000010004D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-08
  2. 152.
    IPCOM000010003D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-08
  3. 153.
    This invention is a polymer blend prepared by the polymerization of a ring opening or condensation polymer in the presence of a syndiotactic polystyrene (SPS) polymer. Such a process eliminates an extra compounding since the two components are mixed during the condensation or ring opening polymerization reactor. In...
    IPCOM000010002D | 2002-Oct-08
  4. 154.
    Several enzymes have been evaluated in the mechanical pulping processes to modify the fiber properties. Cellulases in general would reduce the strength properties. On the other hand, lipases can result in some improvement in strength due to the formation of fatty acid groups from pitch degradation. See, e.g.,...
    IPCOM000010001D | 2002-Oct-08
  5. 155.
    Recent developments of NMR logging technology allow us to acquire CPMG echo trains with multiple wait-times and multiple echo spacings. Since the T1 relaxation time and diffusion coefficients of different fluids are different, the resultant apparent T2 distribution at different polarization times and echo spacings...
    IPCOM000010000D | 2002-Oct-08
  6. 156.
    IPCOM000009999D | 2002-Oct-08
  7. 157.
    A process for improving the melt stability of polyesters such as PET in melt extrusion process wherein additives such as epoxies are used. The extrusion process is improved by supplying solid polymer into the feed section and venting moisture extracted from the polymer during the conversion of the polymer from a...
    IPCOM000009991D | 2002-Oct-07
  8. 158.
    The invention relates to a system, computer program and a method. The method comprises the following steps: receiving continuously a first temperature value from a first temperature sensor for sensing the water temperature in a cooling system for the engine; receiving continuously a second temperature value from a...
    IPCOM000009987D | 2002-Oct-04
  9. 159.
    Embedded systems may make use of a host processor that is responsible for distributing workloads across multiple slave processors. An evenly distributed workload across the multiple slave processors is the most efficient use of resources. To evenly distribute the workload the host processor requires knowledge of the...
    IPCOM000009986D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-03
  10. 160.
    Disclosed is a method for efficient multiple channel identification (CID) lookup for asynchronous transfer mode adaptation layer 2 (AAL2). Benefits include improved performance.
    IPCOM000009981D | 2002-Oct-02