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    IPCOM000010642D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-31
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    This publication briefly describes a process for laser surface modification of finished magnetic glass disk by creating bumps with "rippled" surface profile.
    IPCOM000010641D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-31
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    The use of unscheduled contention based channel access protocols in mobile ad hoc networks is very attractive due to their transparency to toplolgical change, relatively low overhead, and ease of implementation. Recent reports [1], however, have shown that the wodely available asynchronous contention based 802.11...
    IPCOM000010640D | 2002-Dec-31
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    The present invention relates to implantable stimulation devices, e.g., cochlear prosthesis used to electrically stimulate the auditory nerve, and more particularly to a double electrode array configured for effective stimulation of the spiral ganglion cells. Hearing loss, which may be due to many different causes,...
    IPCOM000010622D | 2002-Dec-27
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    This document describes a framework for preparing Unicode text strings in order to increase the likelihood that string input and string comparison work in ways that make sense for typical users throughout the world. The stringprep protocol is useful for protocol identifier values, company and personal names,...
    IPCOM000010621D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-01
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    This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB) for use with network management protocols in the Internet community. In particular, it describes additional managed objects used for managing Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) interfaces not covered by the ADSL Line MIB (RFC 2662).
    IPCOM000010620D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-01
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    This document defines extensions to the Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) for enhanced support of link-specific Point to Point Protocol (PPP) options. PPP endpoints typically have direct access to the common physical media connecting them and thus have detailed knowledge about the media that is in use. When the...
    IPCOM000010619D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-01
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    Quick-On-PC can be achieved by using Non-volatile memory such as MRAM which enables PC to power on without transferring the power on program from Storage, such as Hard Disk Drive.The system will start the program with just after the powered off one but the auxiliary devices such as HDD does not start with the exact...
    IPCOM000010618D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-25
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    HDD (Hard Disk Drive) must be designed to save the user data even if when the power suddenly shuts down. So the electrical components used in HDD is designed to manage this situation individually. However the user data destruction sometimes happen because of the mismatch of components. This shows the method to save...
    IPCOM000010617D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-25
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    This memo describes the use of Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes to efficiently provide and/or augment reliability for one-to-many reliable data transport using IP multicast. One of the key properties of FEC codes in this context is the ability to use the same packets containing FEC data to simultaneously repair...
    IPCOM000010614D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-01