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  1. 121.
    Real-time Instruction Tracing and Reduction of the tracing information
    IPCOM000010472D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-05
  2. 122.
    Abstract A new structure for providing a low-cost QFN semiconductor package having enhanced thermal management wherein a semiconductor die is mounted in a quad flat no-lead [QFN] leadframe with die pad exposed upward away from the printed circuit board (PCB). The die pad is up set and exposed upward for ambient...
    IPCOM000010471D | 2002-Dec-05
  3. 123.
    A novel approach of incorporating scrim in an adhesive matrix is used to maintain differential release properties. The combination of adhesive and scrim provides the necessary release differential for low surface energy adhesives such as silicone adhesives. The examples described show 50 to 75% improvement over...
    IPCOM000010470D | 2002-Dec-05
  4. 124.
    IPCOM000010469D | 2002-Dec-05
  5. 125.
    IPCOM000010468D | 2002-Dec-05
  6. 126.
    IPCOM000010467D | 2002-Dec-05
  7. 127.
    IPCOM000010466D | 2002-Dec-05
  8. 128.
    This paper describes the key enhancement to the filesystem snapshot technology. It explains how it reduces the administrator's management task of backup data and the restoring task of its data.
    IPCOM000010463D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-05
  9. 129.
    IPCOM000010462D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-05
  10. 130.
    IPCOM000010461D | Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-05