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    This paper describes two inventions that improve the operation of the IOS A1 Global Reset Procedure. The first invention provides a two-way handshake mechanism at both the beginning and end of the Global Reset Procedure; one of several benefits is a dramatic reduction in the execution time of the procedure, which...
    IPCOM000010929D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-31
  2. 2.
    This invention provides a mechanism to dynamically update the IOS Revision Level negotiated between a Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and Base Station (BS) without incurring a system outage, which is presently caused by the Global System Reset in CDMA systems. While the system is fully operational, this method can be...
    IPCOM000010928D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-31
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    Video Chat allows subscribers with cell phone the capability to send Voice, Data, Graphical and Video images to an individual or a selected group, where they can receive and view these signals on a TV channel. The concept is to make a gateway that enables the sending of voice, data, graphical, and video messages via...
    IPCOM000010927D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-31
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    Today’s network equipment often requires complex configuration and maintenance procedures. Maintenance procedures rely on monitoring and interpretation of large quantities of information. The Automated Tuning Structure defined here adds a layer of automation to this configuration and maintenance environment. That...
    IPCOM000010926D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-31
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    One architecture for a Base Station Controller (BSC) in a wireless infrastructure network involves the use of smaller servers which, when pooled, can act as a resource pool for providing signaling services to mobile subscribers. The BSC server is one type of an application server in an Internet Protocol (IP) signaling...
    IPCOM000010925D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Jan-31
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    Engineering activities suffer as a result of poor access to necessary data or information. Excessive time is spent finding an item and, when the item is found, it is often the wrong one or has already been superseded by another item located elsewhere. The problem exists throughout the entire Product Development (PD)...
    IPCOM000010924D | 2003-Jan-31
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    Vehicle thermal loads in sunny climates are strongly influenced by the absorption of solar thermal energy. Reduction of the absorptivity in the near infrared spectrum would decrease vehicle soak temperatures, reduce air conditioning power consumption and not affect the vehicle color (visible spectrum radiation...
    IPCOM000010923D | 2003-Jan-31
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    Electric four wheel drive vehicles performance requirements of very wide contant power speed range can be met by intorducing a commutator switch (1) between the traction motor (2) and the power electronics controller (3). The purpose of (1) is to reconfigure the motor windings from Series to Parallel as shown in Fig....
    IPCOM000010922D | 2003-Jan-31
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    The power stage of a power converter is a very strong noise source. Not only does the noise distribute to power buses, it couples to the low-voltage control stage, mainly through stray capacitance. This noise disturbs the controller operation and emits radiated noise to the ambient, mainly from unshielded harnesses....
    IPCOM000010921D | 2003-Jan-31
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    The stop/start strategy of a hybrid electric vehicle can cause continuous crankshaft and connecting rod bearing wear that degrades the engine's durability. By pulsing high pressure oil to the crankshaft before starting, this wear is minimized. The high oil pressure can be stored in an accumulator that is charged by...
    IPCOM000010920D | 2003-Jan-31