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  1. 141.
    Disclosed is a method that uses a one-piece spring clip to create pressure on the thermal interface material (TIM) between the CPU’s integrated heat spreader (IHS) and the heat sink base of Nocona form factor processors. Benefits include a reduction in material costs, and a design that can adapt to a variety of...
    IPCOM000011178D | 2003-Feb-12
  2. 142.
    The time required to establish a SCSI Nexus on a reselection must be held to a minimum in order to take full advantage of the performance potential offered by packetized SCSI. An SCSI Initiator must sort through a path table to find an ID, LUN, and Queue Tag match with the reselecting SCSI Nexus. In addition to...
    IPCOM000011177D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-12
  3. 143.
    Disclosed is a method that consists of an optical inspection station for measuring wafer parallelism.
    IPCOM000011176D | 2003-Feb-12
  4. 144.
    This article introduces a new method for managing and maintaining voicemail messages, namely, by providing the message storing and controlling technology at the sender's end of the communication path. In addition, this enables the opportunity to provide new functions in the context of a telephone system, such as...
    IPCOM000011050D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-12
  5. 145.
    A trainable transceiver is configured to include time base information regarding the length of time or the number of times the transceiver may be used to control a particular electronic device or system, such as a garage door opener. Accordingly, a user may configure the trainable transceiver for temporary use with...
    IPCOM000011049D | 2003-Feb-11
  6. 146.
    The present disclosure relates to an energy absorber bracket for an instrument panel. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to an energy absorber bracket that is integrated with a glove box assembly of the instrument panel. The glove box assembly is coupled to the vehicle instrument panel and comprises a...
    IPCOM000011045D | 2003-Feb-11
  7. 147.
    The present disclosure relates to a secondary storage enclosure for a vehicle. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to a movable secondary storage enclosure for a glove box, and is adaptable and easily accessible storage space that may provide additional security or concealment for items. The glove box...
    IPCOM000011044D | 2003-Feb-11
  8. 148.
    This paper describes an emergency mobile location method which obtains and uses the unique cellular coding information of an emergency 911 call to configure an emergency mobile location device, which assists a response team in locating the subscriber’s position. This paper also describes the unique cellular hardware...
    IPCOM000011043D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-11
  9. 149.
    An elastomer modified divinylsiloxane-bis-benzocyclobutene (DVS-bisBCB) was developed for various microelectronics applications (see U.S. 6,429,093 B1). It was prepared from DVS-bisBCB and an elastomer, BAC-45 (liquid polybutadiene diacrylate) from Osaka Organic Chemical Industry, Ltd.
    IPCOM000011041D | 2003-Feb-11
  10. 150.
    A way of disabling some or all of the functionality of a subscriber in a given environment is proposed.
    IPCOM000011040D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-11