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  1. 71.
    Disclosed is a method for enabling a user to seamlessly edit remote files using caching. This method allows cached copies of remote files to reside on a user workstation such that changes made to the cached files may automatically be pushed back to a remote host both during and between sessions. This remote editing...
    IPCOM000011463D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-21
  2. 72.
    IMS and DB2 are Data Base Management Systems that provide application program access to only secure data. Data that is concurrently being changed is not available to other concurrently running programs. This isolation is provided by implementing and enforcing data locking protocols where the order of such locking...
    IPCOM000011462D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-21
  3. 73.
    A personal font represents a person's handwriting style. When an Internet message containing a personal font is rendered for display or print, the text is rendered using the font. When a personal font is sent, either alone, or encapsulated within another unit such as a message, finite communication bandwidth and...
    IPCOM000011454D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-21
  4. 74.
    IPCOM000011449D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-21
  5. 75.
    A medical lead is provided with multiple insulation layers, or redundant insulation, between conductors, and with a non-coiled tubular lumen. Such a design overcomes problems with perforation of insulation, lead prolapse, and shorting of conductors, among other problems. The lead design includes a multilumen lead...
    IPCOM000011448D | 2003-Feb-20
  6. 76.
    This technical disclosure covers the use of rosin ester light oils recovered/ collected during the manufacture of rosin ester resins, which are then normally burned as fuel, as a part or full replacement for rosin in the manufacture of rosin esters or other rosin modified products.
    IPCOM000011447D | 2003-Feb-20
  7. 77.
    Customers purchase certain vehicles because the features of such products meet or exceed their expectation. To deliver high-quality vehicles with outstanding features that our customers like, we have to ensure the latest and best technologies are implementation ready on time to support new vehicles' development. An...
    IPCOM000011443D | 2003-Feb-20
  8. 78.
    This document describes how user sessions can be tracked and restored in a portal area. This means that user specific customization is saved over several working sessions.
    IPCOM000011442D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-20
  9. 79.
    Many current user interfaces allow, while showing optional information, to suppress this optional information in the future by issuing some "Never Show This Again"-option. This is a nice shortcut which allows even inexperienced users to customize their user interface according to their preferences. However, this...
    IPCOM000011441D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-20
  10. 80.
    Glycyrrhizin, which shows 170 times sweetness as sucrose, is the major natural sweet compound existing in licorice , and it has been used as the food-additive and medicine. Glycyrhizic acid monoglucurnide and glycyrrhizic acid are derivatives of Glycyrrhizin. The former one shows 1000 times sweetness as sucrose and...
    IPCOM000011440D | 2003-Feb-20