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  1. 41.
    Disclosed is a method for a frame for stiffening and attaching devices to a PCB. Benefits include improved thermal performance, improved reliability, improved ease of manufacturing, and improved design flexibility.
    IPCOM000011935D | 2003-Mar-26
  2. 42.
    Disclosed is a method for a selective hourglass solder joint array. Benefits include improved functionality, improved performance, and improved reliability.
    IPCOM000011934D | 2003-Mar-26
  3. 43.
    Disclosed is a method to broaden the practice to provide a simple and effective solution for transforming a normal function resource into a protected function resource for a Logical Partitioning (LPAR) system.
    IPCOM000011933D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
  4. 44.
    Use of web-based interface to select parameters and invoke proxied invocation of a workstation remote control session
    IPCOM000011932D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
  5. 45.
    Disclosed is a method to improve the security of confidential type of emails sent with configurable delivery options.
    IPCOM000011931D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
  6. 46.
    This article describes an efficient method of transferring variable amounts of graphics data over a PCI bus.
    IPCOM000011930D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
  7. 47.
    A program is disclosed regarding a method of the criteria determination to the internet search with "FILE" information. By using FILE information with the predefined keywords, users can easily get the expected search result without finding the appropriate search keywords or typing the long search keywords.
    IPCOM000011923D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
  8. 48.
    Disclosed is a new table and method for validation of pointers in hierarchical databases. Each database segment occurence in hierarchical databases has pointers that indicate the hierarchical relationships to other segment occurence, for example, pointer to child segment occurence in the same database or pointer to...
    IPCOM000011922D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
  9. 49.
    Disclosed is a method to enable the close-up of the presentation space of the existing application program such as Internet Explorer(*1), Netscape Communicator(*2). The main purpose of this method is to provide a feature the area without the direct relation to application information is removed and the area where only...
    IPCOM000011920D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26
  10. 50.
    Disclosed is a annotation system that provides the following; 1) Enable user to specify disclosure level of annotation. 2) Maintain annotation by time period.
    IPCOM000011919D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Mar-26