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    Consider an email invitation that is received, but which is not in the form of a calendar invitation. It would be useful to have an automated way to add this to the calendar without having to manually open the calendar and copy over all the fields. This idea suggests such a mechanism.
    IPCOM000019046D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-27
  2. 32.
    With the prevalence and growing amount of spam (unwanted e-mail) from all over the world, e-mail users need a quick and easy way to filter unwanted notes. Filtering means to view each piece of incoming mail and determine what to do with the mail such as: keep it, delete it, or store it in a special place or folder....
    IPCOM000019045D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-27
  3. 33.
    Disclosed is a method that improves existing KVM switches by adding various slots so users can share multiple devices among different systems.
    IPCOM000019044D | 2003-Aug-27
  4. 34.
    Disclosed is a method that uses a parallel randomizer, or scrambler, to simplify the circuit by avoiding parallel-to-serial conversion at the input and the inverse conversion at the output.
    IPCOM000019043D | 2003-Aug-27
  5. 35.
    Disclosed is a method for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for laboratory chairs with armrests. Benefits include improved performance and improved cost effectiveness.
    IPCOM000019042D | 2003-Aug-27
  6. 36.
    Disclosed is a method for reducing nonuniformity in silicon on insulator (SOI) stacks and related substrates. Benefits include improved reliability.
    IPCOM000019041D | 2003-Aug-27
  7. 37.
    Disclosed is a method for activated gaseous and vapor hydrogen fluoride (HF) delivery methodologies for creating uniform low-dielectric constant (K) interlayer dielectric (ILD) systems. Benefits include improved functionality, improved performance, and improved support for future technology.
    IPCOM000019040D | 2003-Aug-27
  8. 38.
    Disclosed is a method for real-time in-place interface formation detection during wafer bonding. Benefits include improved functionality, in-line monitoring, improved yield, an improved production environment, and improved design flexibility.
    IPCOM000019039D | 2003-Aug-27
  9. 39.
    Disclosed is a method for the use of a femtosecond laser for 9-inch controlled collapse chip Connect (C4) quartz mask repair. Benefits include improved functionality.
    IPCOM000019038D | 2003-Aug-27
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    In computing systems which incorporate more than one processor, the system may fail if any one of the processors fails. A simple technique allows multiple processors to monitor each other, and to detect when one of their number fails. Failure detection enables recovery actions to be initiated, and a total system...
    IPCOM000019024D | Original Publication Date: 2003-Aug-27