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  1. 71.
    Chatting tools allow for communication of text. However these tools do not have the feature to allow for communicating characters or phrases used by the scientific community. For example it is not possible to communicate a mathematical formula using a mathematical notation in today's chatting tools.The invention...
    IPCOM000022080D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
  2. 72.
    Best practices on how to move existing applications to the EdgeComputing Powered by WebSphere platform.
    IPCOM000022079D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
  3. 73.
    Standard methods exist to compress the headers of IPv4 IP/UDP/RTP packets. These methods do not work when these packets are sent using Mobile IP. This article proposes compression and decompression methods for RTP packets that can be used at a Mobile IP Home Agent (HA) and Foreign Agent (FA) that allow for standard...
    IPCOM000022078D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
  4. 74.
    The core idea of this invention is that functionality is added to modems which allows them to periodically connect via three-way calling, to attempt to obtain a higher data rate. This invention creates a new method and apparatus that allows a connected modem to attempt to re-establish a current session with a higher...
    IPCOM000022076D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
  5. 75.
    This disclosure introduces a new set of path aware IOCTLs (Input Output Control) to the device driver that is multi path capable, enabling application programs to control which path an IOCTL is issued.
    IPCOM000022075D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
  6. 76.
    Storage devices may be attached to a host through multiple paths and some of these paths may have a common component ( adapter, cable, switch). If a path has one of these common components fail, multiple paths may become inoperable. This disclosure addresses the ability to detect and isolate the point of failure, then...
    IPCOM000022074D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
  7. 77.
    IPCOM000022073D | 2004-Feb-23
  8. 78.
    The application of Land Grid Array (LGA) vs. more traditional Pin Grid Array (PGA) interconnect technology has created diagnostics difficulties when attempting to analyze logic related failures.Typical hardware designs that apply the required axial force to mate/maintain the interconnect have prevented the ability of...
    IPCOM000022072D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
  9. 79.
    IPCOM000022071D | 2004-Feb-23
  10. 80.
    IPCOM000022053D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-21