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    Disclosed is a system to automatically lock media-based input devices to prevent unauthorized access to these devices.
    IPCOM000028176D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-30
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    This invention streamlines the customization process by defining the user interface(UI) content, layout, look and feel on a single XML file. A JSP will read and render the UI based on the information contained on the XML configuration file. In order to make simple UI changes customers edit a single XML file.
    IPCOM000028173D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-30
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    Disclosed is an unique "Cover Locking Mechanism", which enables portable PC users to unlock and open a clamshell-designed PC easily and comfortably by either right or left hand.
    IPCOM000028172D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-30
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    A method to determine the positions of cars in the neighborhood of an accident.
    IPCOM000028171D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-30
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    IPCOM000028170D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-30
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    This document registers an Electronic Number (ENUM) service for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), pursuant to the guidelines in RFC 3761. Specifically, this document focuses on provisioning SIP addresses-of-record in ENUM.
    IPCOM000028169D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01
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    With growing availability of good time sources to network nodes, it becomes increasingly possible to measure one-way IP performance metrics with high precision. To do so in an interoperable manner, a common protocol for such measurements is required. This document specifies requirements for a one-way active...
    IPCOM000028168D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01
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    The H.323 specification defines a means for building multimedia communication services over an arbitrary Packet Based Network, including the Internet. This document registers a Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) service for H.323 according to specifications and guidelines in RFC 3761.
    IPCOM000028167D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01
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    This document discusses the use of the Domain Name System (DNS) for storage of E.164 numbers. More specifically, how DNS can be used for identifying available services connected to one E.164 number. It specifically obsoletes RFC 2916 to bring it in line with the Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Application...
    IPCOM000028166D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-01
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    IPCOM000028165D | 2004-Apr-29