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  1. 31.
    Concepts are disclosed for the recovery or launch of unmanned vehicles. These concepts are applicable for both aerial and underwater vehicle recovery. The concepts use a "kite" or tow-body to deploy and control a cable. The cable is fitted with a homing device/beacon. The vehicle is equipped with a receiver and...
    IPCOM000030133D | 2004-Jul-29
  2. 32.
    There are currently two common approaches to PFC inrush current protection. Such protection caters only for the first instance of power application at the switching on of the AC power. Faced with higher customer demand and expectations towards higher stability in power supply systems, a new concept is conceived that...
    IPCOM000030130D | 2004-Jul-29
  3. 33.
    IPCOM000030126D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-29
  4. 34.
    Disclosed is a method for a sensor on an air-bearing platform equipped with wireless connectivity. Benefits include improved functionality and improved performance.
    IPCOM000030112D | 2004-Jul-28
  5. 35.
    IPCOM000030101D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-28
  6. 36.
    The method for handling On Demand Delivery Plans and Standards is a tactical methodology which addresses the activities that define the operational standards for customers who share a common computing resource. The method promotes activities that develop and maintain the planning for each and all customers, and...
    IPCOM000030088D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-27
  7. 37.
    Published is a method to add visual Indication of completeness in a multi tabbed user interface.
    IPCOM000030087D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-27
  8. 38.
    A high speed trace logging function and a slower archiving function work together to collect and secure computer trace data. Trace data is collected at real time speeds while a separate background process saves it in nonvolatile storage to secure it in the event of power cycling or reboot.
    IPCOM000030086D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-27
  9. 39.
    Test Process for Isolating Non-Linear Functions in an Embedded System.
    IPCOM000030085D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-27
  10. 40.
    Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) is an evolving OASIS standard for defining business processes that orchestrate the execution of Web Services. The language provides for the definition of variables. These variables are used in receiving data from invoked Web Services as well as sending...
    IPCOM000030084D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-27