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  1. 51.
    This is a dual GMR sensor where a self-pinned layer is used between the free layers.
    IPCOM000031480D | 2004-Sep-27
  2. 52.
    Disclosed is a device that relates to an inductive write head. More specifically, it relates to a yoke structure where a laminate structure is recessed into a non-magnetic template with a process for producing the same.
    IPCOM000031479D | 2004-Sep-27
  3. 53.
    Top cover gasket to surround fastener opening to improve; torque retention, cover bowing, sealing, and acoustic performance. Presently, as the cover is torqued into place the cover gasket is only on one side, which causes an uneven torque distribution under the head of the fastener. The cover then tends to bow which...
    IPCOM000031478D | 2004-Sep-27
  4. 54.
    A disk drive Actuator using High Stiffness coating is disclosed. The proposed coating is diamond or diamond like carbon deposited via chemical vapor deposition. This is a cost effective manner to increase the stiffness of actuator bodies to support higher track densities in HDD storage devices.
    IPCOM000031477D | 2004-Sep-27
  5. 55.
    Disclosed is lower iron loss motor stator design by using amorphous metal alloy. A spindle motor with an amorphous steel stator will have high motor efficiency.
    IPCOM000031476D | 2004-Sep-27
  6. 56.
    "Wafer Scrap Prevention"
    IPCOM000031475D | 2004-Sep-27
  7. 57.
    Disclosed is a plastic device that plugs directly into the female screw holes of the video connector that prevents it from being damaged or lost.
    IPCOM000031474D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27
  8. 58.
    Determines supply voltage required by a cash drawer based on load characteristics of the cash drawer. Current solutions typically require additional signals in the connector that define the device type. This disclosure describes a scheme that works with existing hardware and does not require additional signals in...
    IPCOM000031473D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27
  9. 59.
    Processor thermal specifications are beginning to drive the industry into the realm of liquid cooling, increasing the cost of the thermal solution, development complexity, as well as the risk of catastrophic failures. This invention solves many issues associated with the restricted thermal envelopes that we are...
    IPCOM000031472D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27
  10. 60.
    This paper describes a method of maximising system efficiency and end-user QoS experience when there is a change in the cell from which the UMTS High Speed Downlink Shared CHannel (HS-DSCH) is transmitted.
    IPCOM000031471D | Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27